3 healthy low calorie and easy to cook snacks using eggs and vegetables

3 healthy low calorie and easy to cook snacks using eggs and vegetables

3 healthy low calorieand easy to cook snacks using eggs and vegetables - Egg is a great source of protein and only around 70 calories each! I has heaps of nutritional benefits and is high in Sulfur which help us produce more collagen and keratin, helping us maintain shiny hair, strong nails and glowing skin.

Today I'm going to be showing you 3 great healthy snack options that are all under 150 calories each and take only a few minutes to prepare and are super easy to cook!! Best of all, they all contain a healthy dose of veggies!

Hearty corn soup

One of my favourite things in the world is corn soup! And when you add an egg in it, its super duper healthy and filling. This is east to make and will only take you less then 5 minutes. You'll need a can of creamed corn and one egg. Mix an egg with a little bit of water. The water will help the egg seperate so it isn't stuck together. Now turn on the stove and add half portions of creamed corn and water. You can change this ratio depending on how runny you like your soup. Once it is simmering, add you beaten egg and stir with a fork for another minute. The egg cooks really quickly! There we have it a healthy and delicious corn soup, thats perfect for the cold weather!


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Now lets make some spinich egg rolls! Yum!!

You'll need, an egg of course and some English spinich or you can use mushrooms or other veggies if you like. Now likely oil your pan. A trick to reduce calories is to use a paper towl and a non stick frypan and rub the towel to soak up extra oil and lightly coat your fry pan. I also use a spray for my oil to reduce the amount coming out, and you save money on oil too!. Oil can cost you up to 125 calories for a tablespoon so lets use a little as possible!!  Add a pinch of salt and lightly cook your spinish till it's just wilted. Put this aside in a bowl.

crack an egg in your bowl and lightly beat it with your fork. Now using our special oil technique, lightly coat the fry pan again and add your beaten egg. try and coat your frypan evenly to create a nice thin circle of egg, now add you spinach in the middle and then flip your egg around into a roll.

Take it off the heat as it'll cook very quickly and then use a knife to cut it up into little pieces. I love to serve it with some seaweed seasoning and a small amount of tomato sauce! Mmmm spinich is so low in calories and good for you. The important part of this dish is to reduce the amount of oil we cook in it and should should be a healthy low calorie snack!! Serve with some green tea :)!! mm!!!

The final snack that I love to have is steamed egg.

This a very healthy and super low in calories too, and great with rice as well for a meal! It's really simple to make as well! I'm using one of these steamed egg cups that I got from daiso but you can also make this recipe in a small bowl. You'll need an egg, some frozen veggies, bonito stock powder,soya sauce, and some seaweed seasoning which is optional. Now add your frozen veggies into your cup and then crack your egg into it. add half a teaspoon of dashi stock and half a teaspoon of soyasauce. You can adjust this according to how salty you want it, but less salt is much healthier for you. Now add water and fill it up almost to the top. Use a fork or chopstick and mix it all up. Use a pot or wok to steam it for about 10-15 minutes.

And we're done, this is a perfect treat for those midnight cravings or for breakfast in the morning. The texture is like pudding and it's super yummy!! This is seriously one of my favourite low calorie snacks. I hope you enjoyed my 3 simple healthy snack recipes which should satisfy your midnight cravings! Being on a diet doesn't mean you need to starve yourself, we just need to be smarter about what we eat. Surprisingly these snacks are less calories than 8 dorito's chips, and half the calories of a mars bar, but these options are so much more filling! Stay tuned next week for a great tip to maintain healthy eating when you have little or no time to cook! Make life beautiful The Wonderful World of Wengie Check out my blog for more diet tips! I talk about portion sizes as well as asian diet tips.