how to Remove Galaxy S6 Flipboard

how to Remove  Galaxy S6 Flipboard

how to Remove  Galaxy S6 Flipboard - Galaxy S6 Flipboard Hi everyone. Samsung did an awful lot right with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. On the software front it's really a solid device that's been well QA'd as well as on the hardware side. But  Galaxy S6 Flipboard there's one thing that really did irk me considerably and that's this. Why?

Why? Why? It's not a HTC device I don't want something that looks a bit like Blink feed thank you so very much Samsung. Whilst I appreciate Flipboard is a great piece of software I would rather have the functionality myself if I choose to install it. Instead what we have here  Galaxy S6 Flipboard is basically real estate being taken up by an app I didn't ask for and didn't install.

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Now the problem as it were is there's not an obviously easy way to get rid of this, until you  realise that what Samsung have actually done is made it a widget. To get rid of it, long press on your home screen in a blank area, move to the side and untick. When you come back,  oops, let's just go back, that will now be gone. However Samsung have effectively stolen our right sweep so when I swipe to my right I can't actually access the home screen or any information on that side because effectively it's been locked off by the silly Flipboard.

Brilliant Samsung. So basically Touchwiz is  Galaxy S6 Flipboard a little bit gimped like this because it can't be customised to the way we actually want to use the device. You know, like all the previous Samsung devices would work, you actually had information available over there.

It's a bit of a shame and it's slightly bonkers and it does mean that a reasonable number of people are probably going to end up installing a separate launcher so they can actually have full control over the home screen. But that's how you disable the thing if you want to get rid of it although it's not really got rid of, it's more hidden than it was before. But anyway hopefully Samsung will release  Galaxy S6 Flipboard in future an update that will allow that to go away and full control over that home screen. Galaxy S6 Flipboard