Lenovo A7000 Tips and Tricks To Get More Performa

Lenovo A7000 Tips andTricks  To Get More Performa - Hello Blogger Today, I want to show you how to optimize your Lenovo A7000 I had bought this smartphone for one month ago Let's start!

Lenovo A7000 Tips and Tricks  To Get More Performa

First, Update your Android Lollipop You can go to Settings > About Phone > Update System Check your battery and internet connection before updating the system make sure the battery is full to update the system it takes a long time.

2. Activate your knock display you can tap the screen to unlock the smartphone mobile This features can activate in Settings > Features And then just click activate.

3th set up management of the simcard go to Settings > Management Simcard You can manage calls, messaging and data Simcard 1 is 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G Simcard 2 just support 2G Network.

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4th Secure your phone Go to Settings > Lock Screen You can pick locks screen like Stringed, Pattern, PIN, and password It's important I chose for a more secure PIN lock.

5th. Download Battery Saver Apps I using DU Battery Saver The performance of the application is very well and has been proven You can download DU Speed Booster to optimize your Smartphone This smartphone has a good performance even without the application.

6th. Move Data Apps to SD Card I really like this feature You can go to Setting > Apps select the application to be moved to the SD Card then click move to SD card These are some of the applications I move to SD card Actually the entire of application data is not moved to the SD card only a few percent of the overall the application data Storage of the application data is still stored in the internal memory, but an SD card helped save some persent of all data.

Finnally, give protection to your smartphone You can buy tempered glass and softcase This smartphone is protected by tempered glass Its more secure than Screen Guard Its because Tempered Glass made from Glass Tempered Glass is not easily scratched and protects the screen from any threat You can buy softcase to protecting your Lenovo A7000 It's cheap, you can got it on online store Okay just the tips and tricks from me I hope that I give you today is useful for you.