Review Lenovo Vibe Shot Specifications and feature

Lenovo Vibe Shot  Specifications and feature

Lenovo Vibe Shot  Specifications and feature - Hi guys! Welcome to Kota Tua, Jakarta. It's crowded here during weekend but it doesn't stop me to take pictures with this Lenovo Vibe Shot a smartphone specially designed for shutter bugs. Let's see what this phone can do. Lenovo Vibe Shot has a premium looks that will match your trendy lifestyle It has a compact square design with metal and glass wrapping up its body giving a sense of luxury just by touching or looking at it.

The glass material on its back side adds plush image to this phone. Glass material on both front and back side is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 This phone has a main camera with 3 LED flash and Infra Red sensor right below them Lenovo Vibe Shot has four physical buttons on its right volume, power, shutter, and a dedicated camera switch mode button while Dual-SIM card slot and a microSD slot placed on its left side.

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A rarely-found-in-modern-phones halter slot is available on the bottom left corner With 5 inch display and proper weight, Lenovo Vibe Shot still feels convenient in one hand as well as giving a firm grip. Lenovo Vibe Shot comes with the latest Vibe UI based on Android Lollipop 5.1 a similar UI used in any other Lenovo flagship smartphone.

Limited options of theme and transition effects are available. Several main features, like Quicksnap (instant access to camera by pressing volume button while the screen is off) also available. Simply double tap the display to wake it up from sleep mode. There is also an on-screen button called wide touch as a shortcut to access any apps By default, Lenovo Vibe UI loaded with lots of apps SHAREit and SYNCit are two Lenovo irreplacable apps available so far but there are some apps that may be useless.

With several less useful apps installed by default, some interesting features and responsive performance, the UI consumes 1.5GB out of total 3GB RAM available. Lenovo Vibe Shot is powered by a mid-end processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 which scores 40326 points on AnTuTu Benchmark 5.7.1. The 3GB of RAM really boost overall performance while its 32 GB of internal storage is quite spacious.

The 5 inch Full HD display is a feast for the eyes that delivers shiny images, especially when displaying black color that makes text looks smooth. You can adjust the display color balance from Settings. There is True color mode to optimize color when viewing photos or images, Comfort mode to make your eyes comfotable when reading text and Super bright mode to increase brightness for outdoor use. Unfortunately, Lenovo Vibe Shot doesn't have gyroscope sensor so you won't be able to enjoy virtual reality apps with this flagship phone. Lenovo Vibe Shot is designed for photography enthusiast which can be easily recognized from the name and design.

Despite its name, Lenovo Vibe Shot has a smaller main camera lens than any smartphone The 16 MP main camera is armed with Optical Image Stabilizer, Infra Red sensor and 3 LED flash Lenovo Vibe Shot defines a new mobile photography era the shutter button is very responsive in pointing and capturing object as well as easy to use. There are 2 main mode available, Auto and Pro which you can easily access through the camera switch button.

All configurations are automatically set in Auto mode while in Pro mode, you can set shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure, and manual focus. We're amazed by the main camera quality. Capturing dark objects in low light condition produce excellent pictures with less noise the result is even better when using flash.

For a US$400 smartphone, Lenovo Vibe Shot captures great images in general, landscape or night mode. But, it's still a bit fall behind LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 in terms of creating macro or depth of field pictures. Surprisingly, the 8MP front camera is just as good as the main camera Whether Beautify mode is on or off, the front camera images are top notch making selfie lovers can't get enough of taking selfies. Unfortunately, video recording performance isn't as good as creating still image due to its 1080p 30fps capability. That's Lenovo Vibe Shot review.