Review Apple Watch Spesifications and Feature

Review Apple Watch Spesifications and Feature

Review Apple WatchSpesifications and Feature - Wearables and in particular smartwatches, are a growing market and Apple, even though a bit delayed, decided to bring its own product. I am Renata, you are Read SuperYour and this is the Apple Watch. Seven supplied us with the Sport edition, there are however two more, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition and what’s different between them is the materials.

For the record, there is a gold edition that costs about $17.000. Let’s head over to the unboxing.  The experience is exactly what is expected from a package that contains an Apple product. The definition of minimal, ordered and clean.  To save time, I will just say that the watch comes with a power adaptor, a USB cable that it’s used as a charging dock, manuals and an extra band for bigger wrists. And now for Apple Watch itself.

Review Apple Watch Spesifications and Feature

I am not a fanboy, not even an Apple sympathizer, but the thing I am holding is truly remarkable. The build quality, the materials, the design and the whole feeling  is beyond my expectations. From the way the band locks, to the texture of the aluminum parts and the resilient I on-X glass, everything contribute to this amazing result.

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We got the 38mm edition but there is the 42mm available, more suitable for men’s hands. Apple Watch has a Retina touch screen, with Force Touch support and two physical buttons. One is a simple button and the other is a small crown, which Apple named Digital Crown and works as a button too.

On the lower side we find the speaker, the microphone and sensors like the heart rate monitor.  The band can easily be replaced, either with the rather expensive Apple ones, or with third party bands at lower prices. The screen of Apple Watch was impressive.

Colors, black, sharpness, brightness, even under direct sunlight were on the highest levels. Touch controls were also very responsive.  As I mentioned earlier, the Force feedback sometimes require a bit of an effort from the user. On the positive side we find vibration on notifications and calls, which feels more like a light tap on the wrist rather than vibration.

The gyroscope is probably the best there is out there and it’s the only one I have found to work flawlessly, for instance when the user raises the hand and it powers on the screen. I would expect more from Apple on the speaker, which is weak in comparison to other smartwatches,  like Samsung’s Gear and I would prefer if it had a camera.

Before we speak about functions, let me say something about the battery. Overall it’s satisfying.  In my hand it lasted more than a day and a half, depending of course on the usage. Charging is a piece of cake.

You just place the watch on the magnetic base and the battery is full in about an hour. Apple Watch pairs with the iPhone via Bluetooth and it’s everything you would expect from a smartwatch. It takes calls and notifications, messages, runs apps, games, takes your heart beat and shows the time.

Setting the Apple Watch is achieved with the Apple app,  from which you can set the notifications, the installed apps and the whole UI of the watch. Through this app, you gain access to the Apple Watch apps sector. To be honest, I expected more apps to be available, but I suppose that will change in the future.

I was also disappointed from the time it took for some apps to launch.  I wanted a bit faster response, because the purpose of a smartwatch is to make me save time by not checking constantly my phone. Other than that, I can’t say I faced any problems with the apps.  Apple decided to design a very unique UI and not so ordered.

At first, this “hive” arrangement of the installed apps hub seemed a bit odd, but eventually I got used to it and liked it. The Digital Crown plays a crucial part on controlling and interacting with the apps and it gives a detailed and easy control.

There are also “glanses”, which appear with a slide upwards. These are actually shortcuts of various apps. You can select which glanses and with what order you want them to appear via the phone app.  On the other hand, watch faces, the themes the user will see when the screen is activated,  are limited on what is already installed by Apple,  a move that I can’t comprehend.

Why can’t I download more from App Store? Everything else is working like a smartphone, just on smaller screen.  The familiarization is fast and I don’t think people will have problem with it. Last but not least, is Siri and the feeling I got watching movies as a kid, seeing actors talking to watches.

Now it’s something from the present and not the future. Apple Watch is available at Seven Spot and if you are interested, check the amazon.  For me, it’s an exquisite product,  with the renowned Apple quality both on hardware and software.  My problem with smarwatches is that they are an accessory of the phones  and not a standalone gadget.

Maybe it’s still too soon and we have to compromise with the accessory functionality.  Either way, the wearable market has some serious prospects  and Apple has taken the first step.