Review Asus Padfone 2 Specifications and Feature

Review Asus Padfone 2  Specifitaions and Feature

Review Asus Padfone 2 Specifitaions and Feature - Hi. This is ONE SHOT blog about Asus Padfone 2  smartphone and tablet in one package. This is the second generation of Padfone, which is 3 mm thiner. In this generation you can just plug in smartphone into a tablet without any special mechanism like door on the first generation. The smartphone and the tablet both have  HD screens.  If you want Full HD display on phone and tablet, just wait for the third generation - Asus Padfone Infinity.

The tablet has built-in 5000 mAh battery, 10'' HD display and much better loudspeaker.  On the tablet I miss SD card slot or USB. There is microUSB only. When I used Asus Transformer Prime for 12 months, I sometimes put SD card from camera into it and also 2,5'' external harddrive into USB. That is impossible on Padfone 2.  You can plug in any microUSB->USB reduction end connect mouse, keyboard or flash drive to the tablet. When I connected 2,5'' harddrive, nothing happened.

So, tablet is external charger and big screen only. Big screen with the same resolution as on the smartphone. Padfone 2 smartfone is nice and it is big competitor to all high-end smartphones other companies.  On/off button is finaly on the right side, above volume regulation.  Lock screen is poor, you can find only unlock, google search or camera app. It is not possible to roll down the rollbar.

Camera has really good quality and many options.  Under the display there are three capacitive buttons. Home screen is standard, widgets are nice, main menu the same.  FM radio you can use only with headphones.  I hoped, that the antena will be built in the tablet part, too. It isn't.  So I rather run internet browser.  Wi-Fi sensitivity is poor, like on any average smartphone. I sold my Asus Transormer Prime for this reason - poor wi-fi signal.

Asus Padfone 2 contains addictive online translator, which use Google Translate online service. Asus add App locker, Asus studio and other special applications to Padfone 2.  The biggest drawback (failure, mistake) is absence of SD or microSD card slot. 32 GB memory is in real 25 GB only.  Upper rollbar contains of many shortcuts, display brightness regulation and outdoor mode button.

Outdoor mode is necessary for using tablet or smartphone outside.  I'm not as pleasantly surprised by this device as I thought.  You get 25 GB device for 800 euros! Without any memory card slot! Asus gives you 50 GB space on Asus webstorage. Is it enough? I don't know. I prefer physical memory. But I need to say, that Asus Padfone is a really unique device.

Everything (pictures, contacts, e-mails...) you have in smartphone with great processor and 2 GB RAM and after work in bus or train you put it in tablet, which gives you other energy (2x more than smartphone), bigger screen and better sound. After comming home you can charge it together and use it like "living-room tablet".

If you want to connect keyboard, use microUSB/USB adapter and connect classical USB keyboard. Or connect Bluetooth keyboard to it.  I think, the price and limited memory is the biggest problem of Padfone 2.  800 euros will be fine for Full HD device, which means 3rd generation. I would like to see also infrared port on the Padfone 2. If you have money for this, it will be a good buy. Beware only of absence memory card slot, LED and keyboard. Everything other will be fine. See you next time!