Review Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition

Review Batman ArkhamKnight Limited Edition  -  PC owners had some trouble with Batman Arkham Knight and so did the ones that wanted the collector's edition. Obviously these two cases do not have the same significance,  but they add up to the overall bad launch of this title. Fortunately, the game was good, calming everybody down.

I am Renata, you are Read SuperYour and this is Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition for PS4. It is also known as Memorial Edition due to the huge statue it has inside. The box is pretty big, it is surrounded by a cardboard slipcase  with some Dark Knight logos on the supposedly dirty texture.

As I open the package, I find the glossy steelbook, showing Batman on the front and Batmobil on the back. For the record we find some art on the inside too. Besides the game's Blu-Ray, there is a manual and some codes for Harley Queen Story Pack, Scarecrow missions and Skin Pack.

Those who preordered the game from Seven Spots had exclusive access to Waynetech Booster Pack, upgrading Batman's abilities. Inside the package I also found the pilot issue of the new comic of DC with the same title. I'd like it a bit more sophisticated, but I suppose it get's the job done.

Furhtermore, there is a quality and rich artbook. As expected there is a ton of concept art and details about the game, which I will get into when I play the game really soon. The paper cover can be removed to show the hardcover art. And the highlight of this edition is the 30cm tall statuette of Batman, which in fact is a memorial of the Dark Knight.

That's where the Memorial Edition comes from. I must admit that the statuette let me down because of the cheap plastic build. The plastic is low quality, but the weight is substantial,  maybe due to the illuminated streets of Gotham City. You need a screwdriver to place the batteries at the bottom and for reasons I don't understand, turning on the lights require that you remove a building behind the left leg of Batman.

Illuminated on the shelf might seem impressive but I must point out the poor build quality. Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition is available in Seven Spots in limited quantities for €122.90 The plain version is also available for €62.9. The truth is I expected more from the renowned Memorial Edition.