Review CM Storm Stryker, Trooper & Enforcer Specifications and Feature

CM Storm Stryker, Trooper & Enforcer

Review CM StormStryker, Trooper & Enforcer  Specifications and Feature - We still haven't finished our presentations of the numerous PC cases that we received recently by Coolermaster. Welcome to another one of them. You are watching the SuperYour show with Renata  and today I'll present to you three cases of the CM Storm series which is intended for gamers.

I'll start with the smallest one, the CM Storm Enforcer. This is a mid-tower PC case that supports micro-ATX and ATX motherboards. It has a length of 52.3cm, a width of 22.9cm, a height of 48.4cm and it weighs 9kg. It is mainly consisted out of good quality plastic. Personally, its design does not appeal to me.

The CM Storm Enforcer features a small door on the front panel which gives the user access to four 5.25 inch slots and The I/O panel has four USB ports (2x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0), a headset port, a microphone port, a power button and a reset button. The top side supports a single fan/radiator of 120mm or two 12cm fans.

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The right side of the PC case has Plexiglass which allows us to see inside, while the back side has three grommets, an exhaust fan of 12cm and 8 SLI slots. The CM Enforcer has 6 slots for 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch HDDs. It supports graphics cards of up to 39cm length and it easily fits a cooling system that has a height of 17.5cm.

In general, it looks small but there's enough space to cover the needs of an average gaming PC. Next up we have the CM Stryker and CM Trooper. Aside from having a different name, texture and color, both cases are identical. We chose to present to you the white one which we found more pleasant to the viewer's eye.

Although the CM Stryker is more impressive due to the contrast of colors, I truly loved the black velvel texture of the CM Trooper. Both cases are made out of metallic and plastic parts of excellent quality and have a lot of details. Their gaming design approach has an aggressive style which I personally like a lot. The full tower PC case which supports Micro-ATX,ATX and XL ATX motherboards.

It has a length of 57.8cm, a width of 25cm, a height of 60.5cm and it weighs 14kg.  Its excellent handle helps quite a lot in the comfortable transportation of your PC. The I/O panel has four USB ports (2x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0), a headset port, a microphone port, an RPM indicator, a huge power button and a reset button. As you can see, further below we found X-Dock, a system which allows the immediate install of an SSD. The whole front panel is designed in a way that you can fit 8 5.25 inch devices.

The accessories of both cases can be found if you remove the CMStorm silver logo on the bottom front side. Also, at all sides of the case, there are ventilation grids which can be cleaned easily.  The left side has a plexiglass and a ventilation grid and I really appreciate that Coolermaster has protruded the right side of the case, thus giving more space.

The back side has three different types of grommets, a 14cm fan, 10 slots and the power supply empty slot.  The highlight of the two cases is the high level of flexibility on how the user will place the HDD cages. The process is quite simple and interesting. When both HDD slots are combined, you can easily fit in 8 HDDs of 3.5 inches or 2.5 inches. Both cases come pre-installed with a 20cm fan (1200rpm) and they support a 24cm radiator for the top side, 14cm for the back side and 12cm for the bottom side.

Graphics cards with up to 32cm length and cooling systems of 18.6cm are supported. Grommets can be found everywhere on the right side for cable management or liquid cooling.  Both cases are wonderful and whoever is looking for a qualitative, safe and diverse PC case for their system should definitely check these two out. The CM Enforcer costs €95 while the CM Storm Stryker and CM Trooper cost €180 each.