Review DualShock 4 Specifications and Feature

Review DualShock 4 Specifications and Feature

Review DualShock 4 Specificationsand Feature - Hello there unboxers! This is Renata in another Article of SuperYour. Today we will take a look at DualShock 4, an revamped and redesigned follow up to the DualShock 3. DualShock 4 is a little bit bigger in size than DualShock 3 (162mm width x 52mm height x 98mm depth). But it is a very lightweight controller and it feels a lot more comfortable and robust in ours hands.

In terms of design, Sony took a more ergonomic approach and made the handles bigger which benefits gamers with big hands like myself. Furthermore, an excellent design choice by Sony was the textured handles which further improves the overall grip and may reduce sweat accumulation. As for the analog control sticks of DualShock 4, they are more robust and they now have a recessed center which means that your thumbs will no longer slip.

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The D-Pad and face buttons were already great and that is why Sony did not change them at all aside from giving a better feedback to the player. The center of the controller is where most new features appear. Let's start with the speaker and headset jack. The quality of the mono headset that is provided is not that great but thankfully Sony allows you to connect any headset with a 3.5mm jack into the port. The best aspect of the headset jack is that PlayStation users can also hear the game's sound while speaking to other players.

Although the speaker is not a must have feature, it does have a decent audio quality. Below it, we found the PlayStation button which also gives a more clicky feedback. DualShock 4's most famous feature is its touch pad which takes a lot of space in the center of it. The touch pad lets the player swipe in certain directions to make use of different commands in games and applications.

PlayStation Vita owners will really appreciate this feature. The touch response is truly impressive and the ability of the touch pad to be pressed makes room for an extra button. Next to the touch pad we found the share and options buttons. As their name suggests, the Share button allow us to share images or videos during gameplay on social media while the Options button is used differently in each game (the scoreboard shows up in COD: Ghosts for example).

These two buttons are not as easy to press as other buttons which will help to avoid "accidents" during tense gaming sessions.  A famous complaint about the DualShock 3 controller was its triggers when compared to Xbox 360's controller. DualShock 4's triggers are now curved inward, making them more comfortable for First Person Shooter sessions.

We would love it if they were more wider, but it is still a far better experience than DualShock 3. On its back side, we find a micro usb port which is used for charging the controller. This brings us to the most negative aspect of DualShock 4, its battery life which does not last more than 7 hours.

Above the micro usb port we found the light bar of the controller which is intended for use with the PlayStation Camera. DualShock 4's rumble feature has also been improved since Sony added multiple internal vibration motors. This makes the vibration levels more varied.

Sixaxis functions a lot better with more accurate tracking of movement. We really liked its keyboard function which is similar to the use of a PC mouse. Last but not least, DualShock 4 is compatible with the PlayStation 3 but only in wired mode and eventually Sony will release official drivers for PC users soon as promised. DualShock 4 ships along with the PS4 console but it is also sold individually for $59.99 (€59.99 on 29th of November). Red and blue versions of the controller will be also available on the European PS4 launch.

In our opinion, DualShock 4 accomplishes almost everything better than its predecessor. What is your opinion about DualShock 4? Tell us in the comments section.