Review Infinix Zero 2 specification and feature

Review Infinix Zero 2 specification and feature

Review Infinix Zero 2specification and feature - Hello guys! Long time no see with me, Renata. Now I'm ready to review a new gadget. It's been a while since my last review and it feels good to be back again. The smartphone I'm going to review is stil in my bag...OK. You've seen the Infinix Hot Note review before, so it's time for a slimmer and affordable Infinix Zero 2.

We still clearly remember how Infinix Hot Note feels. It's more suitable for men due to its large size. On the contrary, Infinix Zero 2 has a more compact design similar to Sony Xperia Z with 5 inch display, 14.5cm x 7cm in dimension, and only 6.7mm thin. This phone is very suitable for practical people because its lighweight (only 118 grams) it goes inside your pocket easily and convenient to use with one hand.

Infinix Zero 2 body wrapped with aluminum material. There are no physical buttons attached but you can find three navigations on screen button. With unibody design, there's no removable parts on the back side of this phone. You can find Kevlar fibre coat on the back side adding a firm grip to it. Infinix Zero 2 has 2 micro SIM card slots which support 4G and 1 microSD slot. Unfortunately, it's missing LED notification.


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Its tenuity and back side reminds us to Motorola RAZR XT910. Unlike Infinix Hot Note, Zero 2 comes with Android Lollipop 5.1 with the latest UI that looks very similar to Google's standard UI with home screen and app drawer but less costumization. Surprisingly, the UI took 1.3GB of 3GB of RAM available. There is an interesting feature called Smart Motion with 6 different gestures to access certain function like waving your hand above the display to unlock the screen.

To pump up sound quality, you can use the Sound Enhancement feature with options to optimize earphone, loudspeaker even for Bluetooth connected speaker. But don't expect too much. Miravision is a feature to enhance the display. You can adjust sharpness, colour temperature, saturation, contrast and brightness just like on LCD TV settings.

With all those features, no wonder the UI consumes a lot of RAM. Infinix Zero 2 still powered by 64-bit MediaTek MT6735 octa-core 1.3GHz CPU, matching the 64-bit Android Lollipop OS. Using a mid-end CPU makes this phone scores 36183 point in Antutu 5.7.1 benchmark. The gaming performance is quite OK, thanks to 720p display that ease the CPU and GPU workload most games can run smoothly but some hardware demanding game like Angry Birds 2 feels a bit lag.

We love the coolness of Infinix Zero 2 because it stays cool after we play games quite a while. The 3GB RAM really boost its multitasking performance. And there's 9GB out of 16GB internal storage to use. This phone has 5 inch Super AMOLED screen which delivers clear video and gaming images for indoor and outdoor use but we feel a little uncomfortable when surfing the web because text displayed a little rough.

You can find two loudspeakers at the bottom side. Just don't expect you'll get loud noise from those two. Inside its slim body lies 2300 mAh battery which provides screen on time for 3 hours 47 minutes with 1 SIM card running in 4G network The 13MP main camera relies on Google's standard camera apps lots of noise appear in not too sharp pictures taken indoor while better pictures are captured outdoor or in a space with bright lighting. Motion Track mode is a feature to capture 9 consecutive pictures and create GIF-like images there's also Panorama mode and Multi-angle View.

You can capture images with Voice Shot feature or Gesture Snap and its Smart Shot and Continuous Shot allow you to take up to 99 shots consecutively. The front facing camera has a plain 5MP, no added effects or feature available but it automatically beautifies selfies and will make your face look smooth. That's Infinix Zero 2. I love how light it is and 3GB RAM that boost multitasking capability.