Review iPhone 6 Plus Specifications and Feature

Review iPhone 6 Plus Specifications and Feature

Review iPhone 6 PlusSpecifications and Feature - Whether you love or hate Apple products, you are obliged to accept the fact that you'll see them everywhere. You are Read the article SuperYour with Renata and this is the iPhone 6 Plus, probably the most discussed smartphone of the year for good and bad reasons. I don't have to remind you about bendgate...

This is the 16GB silver version of the iPhone 6 Plus. It is also available in Gold and Space Gray color options with 64 and 128GB storage options as well. This time, the retail package is more minimalistic than ever with only an Apple logo on its side. Inside we found a sim card removal tool, an Apple sticker set, a charger and a set of Apple earpods.

Specifications and Feature

Review iPhone 6 Plus Specifications and Feature
Review iPhone 6 Plus Specifications and Feature

The iPhone 6 Plus is characterized by its big size. Apple has already forgotten about its negative statements in the past regarding the phablets and huge smartphones and the company is now a competitive player in this market with a 5.5 inch display. Before I start talking about the design, I would like to point out that its height and width make for a bigger smartphone than the one we're used to with smartphones of the same display size.

This is due to the big bezels surrounding the display. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus is a really lightweight device (7.1 thickness). But Apple kind of paid for that with the bendgate incident. Apple stated that the number of devices that were sent to them regarding the bendgate was fairly low. However, if I was an iPhone 6 Plus owner I would never place it in a pocket of tight pants.
When it comes to the smartphone's design, I'm dichotomous.

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On the one hand, the materials that were used are of high quality and the aluminum provides a premium and solid overall build. On the other hand, certain design details like the light gray lines on the back side did not appeal to me. I'm not a fan of curves in smartphones and the iPhone 6 Plus is full of them. As qualitative and premium it may be, I do not like the new design as much as I liked the iPhone 5's and iPhone 5S's. The weight of the iPhone 6 Plus is 172g.

The button layout remained as usual with the only differences being the location change of the power button and the bigger speakers on the bottom side which provide a clearer and louder sound experience this time around. Also, I'm not sure whether somebody should worry about the extruded camera but I'd certainly would not leave the iPhone 6 Plus on a hard surface.

Let's take a look at the technical specifications of the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple's newest smartphone comes with a 64-bit Apple A8 which is a dual core CPU clocked at 1.4GHz. Moreover, there's a co-processor called M8 which is used for tasks like controlling the gyroscope and the barometer. The PowerVR GX 6450 is responsible for the graphics while the iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 1GB RAM and storage options of 16/64 and 128GB.

The Retina display of the iPhone 6 Plus has a Full HD resolution at 5.5 inches with a ppi of 401. The 2915 mAh of the battery helps in powering this display and although we found it better than the battery of the iPhone 5S, it needs more than 3 hours of charging to get to 100%.  The iPhone 6 Plus supports all 3G and 4G networks.

The technical specifications do not impress, especially for a high-end device like the iPhone 6 Plus. But if we ignore them, we can easily realize that this is a greatly capable and super fast smartphone. As much as I'd like to prove this otherwise, the device did not give me any kind of bad signs in terms of performance. It showed an extremely smooth performance in games and its multitasking was great!

Even though the device performs excellent, some may say that the technical specifications are not enough to justify the high price of the iPhone 6 Plus. Anyway,  As for the's gorgeous. I thought it would be difficult for the iPhone 6 Plus's display to impress me since I'm used to the 2K display of the Oppo Find 7 but I was wrong.

The fingerprint sensor that was first introduced on the iPhone 5S has been improved but it's still useless in my opinion. Personally, the biggest obstacle that keeps me away from buying an iPhone is its operating system. The iOS 8 has done an honorable effort in changing that with some welcome additions but it still makes me feel trapped in terms of customization options unlike Android.

Clearly, the options that are given by the industry's richest online store, the App Store, are numerous. Still, the iOS is a "closed" and strict OS and I don't like strict things since this is something I bought and I deserve the utmost freedom with it. When it comes to the exclusive features of the iPhone 6 Plus, it has a landscape mode something which is not capable in the iPhone 6.

The most enviable aspect of the iPhone 6 Plus is its camera. It may not feature 4K video or extremely high MP rates but the capabilities of the camera are simply impressive.  Optical image stabilization, amazing HDR, 60fps 1080p video, 240fps 720p video, incredibly fast auto-focus and dual LED flash at 2.2f aperture.  Check out the samples and form your own opinion.

The iPhone 6 Plus is available now in greek stores for €859. This is €60 more than the average price of the device in Europe. Even if it didn't cost €60 more, I believe the cost of the iPhone 6 Plus is outrageous, especially when the technical specifications of the phone do not seem to justify it.

If Apple didn't charge that much for an iPhone, it would certainly not have that bad fame. However, this may be the factor that makes an iPhone so important in general. The idiom "You get what you pay for" is something that a lot of people stand by it as a rule.