Review Lenovo A7000 Specifications and Feature

Review Lenovo A7000 Specifications and Feature

Review Lenovo A7000Specifications and Feature - Hi, I'm Renata Still remember Lenovo A6000? Now we have its "younger brother". Want to know what it is? Come with me! In less than 2 months, Lenovo A6000 already has successor with bigger screen and better performance. Here it is the Lenovo A7000 review.

Overall Lenovo A7000 design is similar to Lenovo A6000 it's fair to say that A7000 is the enlarged version of A6000 This smartphone is built with lightweight plastic material weighing only 140 gram, the screen size is 5.5 inch. A7000 has a bigger screen but it's slimmer than A6000 only 0.8 cm thick So, it's still handy when you use it with only one hand The battery is removable. Here you can see 2 SIM card slots and a microSD slot.

SIM 1 supports 4G in 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600 Mhz frequency, SIM 2 only supports 2G, while microSD slot supports up to 32GB memory card. Unlike A6000, the back side of A7000 built without matte polish. There's also a slight difference in speaker layout Lenovo A7000 only has one row speaker holes at the upper right back side On the front side, Lenovo has also use thin bezel around A7000 screen LED notification is placed near the front camera while the menu button still has no backlight.

Lenovo A7000 comes with Vibe UI. Even with its affordable price tag, the UI is still better than the one in Lenovo A6000. In addition to that, Lenovo A7000 is also equipped with Android Lollipop 5.0. There are various selection of themes comprising 6 themes and 7 lock screen themes. Several transition animation options also available. Gesture function: press volume button twice in phone locked condition to immediately take picture, tapping the screen twice rapidly will turn on the display.

Another screen gestures to run applications are also available like writing "v" or "o" when the display is off. Lenovo's signature file sharing apps, SHAREit and SYNCit, are automatically embeded in A7000 The Vibe UI consumes approximately 1,2GB out of 2GB RAM due to its 5,5 inch screen, Lenovo A7000 is surely a phablet compare to A6000, the A7000 display has more warm characteristic and more easy in the eyes.

Although the display highest resolution is only 720p, its still delivers optimum browsing, video and gaming experience. With only one row speaker holes, Lenovo A7000 loudspeaker is better than A6000. The sound is not too loud but quite detail. Even the bass is more thumping than any other smartphone loudspeaker.

The secret lies on the Dolby Atmos software. You can enjoy more rich sound experience with a headset. Lenovo A7000 is powered by 64-bit MediaTek MT6572m Octa-core 1.5GHZ CPU, Mali-T760MP2 GPU, 2GB RAM and 8GB storage (5GB usable). The CPU can run at its best thanks to 64-bit support from Android Lollipop.

Antutu 5.7 benchmark test shows that the CPU overrun Snapdragon 615 Octa-core CPU, scoring 42833 points while the GPU performance is quite satisfying with 5990 points score in 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme benchmark. Therefore, a complex game like Goat Simulator can run smoothly in A7000. In conclusion, A7000 performance is twice better than A6000.

The 2900 mAh battery is the A7000 soft spot for endurance with only 12-14 hours life time for browsing and social media using only 1 SIM card. Charging time is quite stressful with nearly 3 hours to fully charge the battery. but A7000 front facing camera now a bit better with higher resolution. Meanwhile, there's no difference between A7000 and A6000 camera for both phone equipped with 8MP camera but A7000 front facing camera now a bit better with higher resolution.

Lenovo A7000 main camera is still at 8MP but the front facing camera is now more promising with 5MP. The main camera responds a bit slow capturing indoor object, but it's reasonably fast to take a picture without flash and saving them to memory. There are 10 modes available for the main camera, such as Auto, Sport, Night, Landscape and Party There are also manual setting like ISO up to 1600, White Balance, and Storage to save pictures to. Unfortunately, the camera resolution is fixed.

The A7000 front facing camera is specifically designed to take selfies with face detection and 7 level of beautify feature to help brighten your face. Taking selfie is a lot easier with 5 shutter mode to choose; Voice Command, Touching the Screen, Timer, or simply Blink your eyes. These are some pictures and video we took with both of A7000 camera This is the end of the Lenovo A7000 blog review I'm Renata, see you next time.