Review OnePlus One Specifications and Feature

Review OnePlus One Specifications and Feature

Review  OnePlus One Specifications and Feature -  The smartphone that is even more popular than 2014 flagship models like the Galaxy S5 has finally arrived in our studio! You are Read the SuperYour article with your usual writer, Renata. This is the OnePlus One smartphone which is already enjoying global recognition due to the value it offers at a low price.

It costs €290, so make sure you keep that in mind while you're Read This Article,  The first smartphone of OnePlus comes in White and Black Editions with 16GB and 64GB storage options. The smartphones comes in an excellent minimal package that I have not seen in other high end smartphones. The contents come in two packages. The biggest one contains the smartphone, a USB cable, a SIM removal tool and a manual.

Specifications and Feature

Review OnePlus One Specifications and Feature

Review OnePlus One Specifications and Feature

The second box contains an AC charger that also includes a European adapter plug.  To be honest, I'm so amazed that I don't know where can I begin and where can I end my thoughts. The build quality of the OnePlus One is jaw dropping. Its metallic outline, its solid construction and its well built plastic parts make fun at the low price of the smartphone.  The smartphone's back side has a matte texture and it kind of feels like velvet which, as I've mentioned in previous episodes, does not work out well for me due to its slipperiness.  

Front Side: 5MP Camera, Screen Sensor, Calls Speaker, 3 touch buttons
Bottom Side: Micro USB 2.0 port, a microphone and stereo speakers (the quality of the speakers is good overall but they're not even near the quality of the HTC One's speakers or even Oppo Find 7's.)  A Micro SD card slot and the volume button are on the left side of the smartphone while a noise cancellation microphone and the headphones port can be found on its top side. The physical buttons of the OnePlus One are quite clicky which is something I would love to have in Oppo Find 7, which is the smartphone I own at the moment. Back Side: 13MP camera, Dual LED Flash, a noise cancellation microphone and a logo of OnePlus.

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The OnePlus One has a 5.5 inch Gorilla Glass 3.0 display and in terms of dimensions, it has a height of 152.9mm, a width of 75.9mm, a thickness of 8.9mm and it weighs 162g. Let's take a look at the technical specifications of the phone!  Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU: Quad-Core 2.5GHz GPU: Adreno 330 RAM: 3GB Storage: 16/64GB models available (no storage expansion available) Display: 1080x1920px, LTPS IPS LCD with a ppi of 401. Battery: 3100mAh (it can easily withstand a full use day) The OnePlus One smartphone supports all 3G and 4G networks.

This smartphone did not gain this wide portion of popularity by only providing value but also because it ships with Cyanogen Mod 11.0!  For anyone who is not familiar with this software, it is a highly customized version of Android which greatly extends the capabilities of your device. Cyanogen Mod 11.0 is based on Android 4.4.2 and in my opinion it is an absolute orgasm for Android lovers due to its high level of customization and its fast and smooth experience.

Since this is the kind of software that gets upgraded as each day passes, there are some problems like the 4K recording issues after the 4th minute mark, the inability of the smartphone to record 1080p with the front camera and not being able to record sound during 1080P 60FPS recording. On the other hand, the operating system of the OnePlus One is extremely fast and with the help of its hardware it did not crashed at any point during our stretch test. Aside from being the first smartphone of OnePlus, it is also the fastest of the market at the moment.

The touch screen of OnePlus One is extremely sensitive and I don't know whether this is good or bad because it depends on the user's needs and quirks. But, overall, I'm satisfied with the display of the smartphone.  When it comes to the quality of the display, its vibrant colors, high brightness and great sharpness make for an impressive screen, if you can ignore the mediocre number of viewing angles.

Last but not least, we can not forget the camera of OnePlus One. It is the first smartphone in the world that is able to record 4K DCI video at 24FPS cinema standards. The camera of OnePlus One can record 4K Video at 30FPS, 1080p at 60FPS and 720p at 120FPS with an exemplary use of HDR. But, you should check the camera samples yourself.

The OnePlus One smartphone is avaible now for €290.  It is quite disappointing to see that the OnePlus One smartphone is not available in Europe and that the invite system of has not made it easy for people to purchase the smartphone.  If you would like to know how we got our hands on it, make sure to ask us in the Comment of SuperYour !

The OnePlus One smartphone surely gives a big slap in the face of huge smartphone makers with the excess pricing of their high end smartphones. But, what is your opinion about OnePlus's first smartphone? Tell us in the comments section.