Review Oppo R1x feature and specification

Review Oppo R1x  feature and specification

Review Oppo R1x  feature and specification - Design is one thing you surely won't overlooked, when choosing a smartphone If you really into design, Oppo R1x might suit you. Design is obviously the highlight in Oppo R1x. Just look at its shiny and luxurious back side!

Although it has a 5 inch display, the overall dimension.. is still compact for one handed usage. Oppo R1x square design is similar to the R5 but with 6.8mm thick and weight 130 gram , its unibody design put the SIM card slot, at the right hand side.

Oppo crammed a micro SIM slot a nano SIM slot and a microSD slot into this device but the nano SIM and microSD sharing the same slot. So user can only choose micro SIM+nano SIM or micro SIM+microSD combination.

Oppo R1x has a stunning back side its 3D layer glass material design makes  a shiny diamond look. The thickness helps preserving 3.5mm audio jack at the top side while the dual speaker resting at the bottom side. Unfortunately there's no backlight on the menu button.


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Oppo R1x is a premium class smartphone from Oppo. Beside the luxurious design, it has great UI (ColorOS V2.0.1) and Android KitKat 4.4.4. ColorOS is highly user-customizable you can personalize the system font from thousands of free downloadable fonts available online.

There's more! You can access Theme Store and choose from more than 100 theme to get a personal look of your device. You can also use one of five transition effect at homescreen. Users can easily set those options from 16 shortcuts available in notification window instead of Settings menu.

Another interesting feature offered by ColorOS V.2.0.1 is Motion and Gesture there are 10 Motion and Gesture to choose from the Settings menu. Swipe the screen from top to bottom with 3 fingers to capture a screenshot swipe it with 2 fingers to adjust the speaker volume or pinch the screen using 3 fingers to instantly access the main camera.

Oppo R1x is powered by the 64-bit octa-core 1.7GHz CPU Snapdragon 615 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage for its maximum performance. Those hardware will work much better when Android Lollipop update for Oppo R1x has available.
This smartphone has no problem playing heavy games due its 720p resolution. 

But it can still play up to 1080p video smoothly and you can switch the running video into thumbnail if you want to run another application. Interestingly, the 5 inch 720p display looks as sharp and as bright as 1080p display and thanks to PixelEye technology you can use the R1x indoor, outdoor, in darkness or under the sun comfortably.

Even though its quite slim, the R1x has 2420 mAh battery it's enough to power you up to 12 hours for browsing running 5 social medias with one SIM card. Armed with image sensor from Sony the 13 MP main camera can quickly focus on the object and capture images. it also has Expert mode to set shutter speed ISO, exposure, focus and white balance manually.

Ultra HD mode is a very interesting feature because you can have sharp and detail images just like a 64 MP camera shot. The R1x front facing camera has 5 MP resolution with Double Exposure and Beautify mode. Here's some images and video shot in highest resolution That's our Oppo R1x review.