Review Razer Ouroboros Specifications and Feature

Review Razer Ouroboros

Review RazerOuroboros  Specifications and Feature - Hello there People, Welcome to another article of SuperYour Today we will be unboxing Razer Ouroboros, Razer's new gaming mouse. As the high quality of the retail package suggests, Razer Ouroboros belongs to the elite category of gaming mice by Razer.

Let's have a small history lesson! Ouroboros is a greek word, and means “tail swallower.” It is usually depicted in the form of a snake swallowing its tail. It also represents the cyclical nature of the year and it was the symbol of infinity to the Ancient Greeks. Princess Melina of Ancient Greece turned it into a crest of her family.

Enough with ancient history! We remove the bottom cover in order to see what's inside, Inside we find the usual stuff that Razer accompanies its products with. Manuals, welcoming notes and a Razer Sticker Set. Two side panels are also included which you'll see in a bit. Razer Ouroboros can also be powered by a single AA Battery.

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A USB cable can also be found inside that is used for wired mode or for charging purposes. You'll see more of this later in this blog.

Let's cut to the chase! When we removed the mouse from its base, we realized that it looks far more elegant. Its design can be characterized as futuristic since it has a lot of sharp edges and round angles. We'll leave it aside for now. The dock used for wireless mode and charging was hidden under the base of Ouroboros. Ouroboros can either be used in wired mode by connecting the USB cable to the mouse or wirelessly by pairing the mouse with the dock.

On the back side of Ouroboros, we find two switches that enable us to change the side panels when unlocked. The side panels are attached to the mouse via magnets. Claw or fingertip users will prefer the textured Finger Grip Panel while palm grip users can rest their pinkie on the winged Finger Rest Panel.

The back tilt angle of the mouse is customizable by adjusting the palm rest, creating a flatter or steeper arch depending on your hand profile, ensuring that the back of the mouse rests in your palm comfortably. The length of the Razer Ouroboros is capable of extending up to 15mm /0.59 inches, via the adjustable rear panel.  Also, the scroll wheel's surface has several dots for better precision.

Razer Ouroboros has green backlighting on the scroll wheel, under the side buttons and the middle. The middle serves as a battery charge bar. Razer enhanced the Ouroboros with the 8200dpi 4G Dual Sensor System, a pro-gaming standard of precision. Razer Ouroboros can handle up to 200 inches per second / 50g acceleration. It weighs 135g with the battery in place and it can last up to 11 hours in wireless mode after a full charge.

Razer Ouroboros is available now at the price of €134. Unquestionably, its imposing design as well as the reliable and accurate gaming experience that it delivers, makes Razer Ouroboros one of the most unique gaming mice available right now.