Review Smartphone LG G4 Specifications and Feature

Review Smartphone LG G4 Specifications and Feature

Review Smartphone LGG4 Specifications and Feature -  After months of waiting and an exquisite promotion campaign from LG, the flagship of the South Korean company is finally here.I am Renata , you are read SuperYour  and this is LG G4, one of the most popular and anticipated Android smartphones of the market and it intends to stand up against Samsung’s Galaxy S6, HTC’s One M9 and Apple’s iPhone 6.

G4 comes in an ordinary case and inside we find the device itself,  the manual, the USB cable for charging and connecting with PC or Mac and a European charger.  I am not sure if headphones are present in the cases that are being sold, but in the review package we received, they weren’t.

Specifications LG G4

In terms of design it’s similar to the previous version, but with a nice facelift. Although the back curve reaches 9.8mm in thickness, the sides are slim, which makes the device elegant.  The outline is made of good quality plastic with a glossy effect,  while I really liked the pattern of the surfaces around the screen. Superyour  got the black leather back cover version. It has stiches in the center, which is great.

It was a real nice experience holding it.  As I have said before, I have really dry hands, which makes holding a phone in my hands without slipping,  particularly difficult, so I am forced to use a protective case. I wouldn’t use such an accessory on G4,  as the back cover can be removed and replaced in case of wear. For the record, when you remove the back cover, you get access to a removable battery and to the microSIM and microSD slots.

I should mention that the phone comes in a plastic, smooth back cover as well, in a little cheaper price.  I don’t know if you would prefer it, but it’s a good thing LG is giving options. We find the micro USB and audio jack port at the bottom, the IR blaster and the noise cancellation microphone at the top, while the outline is button-free.
The buttons are on the back, pretty much the same as the previous models. On the back we also find the 16MP camera, the laser auto-focus sensor, the dual-flash and the main speaker, which can easily be covered by the hand,  while it’s relatively weak and rather poor in performance.  I most certainly did expect more on that department for such a pricy flagship. Fortunately, the sound of the calling speaker is better and louder than the G3’s one.

The dimensions are 148.9mm x 76.1mm and 9.8mm thick. It weighs 155g. On the inside, G4 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 chipset,  which consists of 2 processors with 6 cores in total, clocked in 1.82 and 1.44 GHz,  while Adreno 418 is in charge of the graphics.We get 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, expandable via microSD card up to 128GB. The IPS LCD screen is 5.5 inches, with 1440x2560 resolution and a density of 538ppi.  The battery is at 3000mAh.

 Let’s talk about the battery.  LG surprised me there.  Even with heavy use, the battery never let me down, as I had more than 30% at the end of the day. The latest updates included fast charging,  something that the original users nagged about.  Now they have not only a big battery, but a fast charge as well. Battery life is something the companies need to improve and I am happy that LG is at least trying.

The South Koreans invested heavily on the screen.  Although I miss the small bezels of G3,  I can’t find something else to nag about, as much as I am trying. The screen of G4 is a beauty and by far the best the company has produced so far.  Incredible colors without going too far, exquisite black even though it’s not AMOLED, great viewing angles, high brightness and images sharp as a blade. One of the best screens out there.

Let’s talk about software.  G4 comes with Android 5.1 and luckily,  it doesn’t have issues that we find on other devices, like Galaxy S6. The common problem of overheating we found on the latest LG devices, doesn’t seem to exist here. It does get hot, but without affecting usage.  The custom skin of LG starts to grow on me,  mostly because it gets simplified and gets rid of the unnecessary bloatware. Some functions like Dual Windows – which by the way is Samsung’s idea –  or smart actions that provide automated functions, were working like a charm.

I don't use them on a daily basis, but it's good to have them. I want to emphasize the great speeds everything was working. Apparently every phone carrying those specs is powerful, but G4 was ridiculously fast! I don’t know what the benchmarks between the flagships say, but I haven’t felt this way since Cyanogen Mod 11s of OnePlus One.

I left for last the strong point of G4.  I am not referring to the front camera of 8MP,  but to the main camera we heard things about for months. With f/1.8, which is the biggest we have seen on a smartphone, the results are more than we expect from such a device.  Crystal clear photos, with the right saturation, amazing depth of field,  incredible performance on low light conditions.  The Laser sensor provides instant auto focus and it’s working better than G3. The optical image stabilization was impressive and it’s considered next gen.

On videos we have 4K recording and very high resolution on photos due to 16MP sensor. The camera software and in particular the manual mode,  offers a variety of options that we find on DLSR cameras,  like ISO settings, shutter speed, RAW format, white balance etc. As I see it, G4 has the best camera on the market right now.

LG G4 is available in the Greek market since June 4th with an official price of €769. With a little digging, you will find it cheaper as much as €200, so take your time.  Either way, the price is high and I feel sorry that 700+ is slowly becoming the standard pricing of flagships.  As a phone, I think it’s eligible for Smartphone of the Year title.

LG went through a lot but delivered an almost flawless device on all counts. If you intend to spend that much money on your next smartphone,  G4 should definitely be high on your list. That's all for now. I'll catch you up at Superyour