Review Sony Xperia Z3+ Specifications and Feature

Review Sony Xperia Z3+ Specifications and Feature

Review Sony XperiaZ3+ Specifications and Feature -  Hey! We've got a bit of an exclusive for you, this morning Sony announced the Sony Xperia Z3+, and we’ve managed to get our hands on one already! So, on first looks, a lovely big box. And it says on the side it contains the Xperia Z3+, in the Ice Green Colour, which is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse, Also a pair of Sony High Res Audio Headphones. Good to Know!

A 6-month streaming subscription to Tidal. (changed since time of filming) Which is an online streaming service for High Res Audio And also free High Res Audio Albums.

Now, if I open up the box. Excitingly from both sides, which is, mmm, a lovely design! We see the phone straight away. We’ll come back to that. And then the Headphones, underneath. Now when you buy the phone from Carphone Warehouse Sony will have printed instructions about how to redeem your free music.

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That you can listen to on these Headphones! So if we open these up, lets have a look what these look like on first glance! Wonderfully presented! Lid down there, in a sunken cavity. Now, They feel really nice, leather trimmed at the top. Adjustable and foldable.

Leather around the ear pieces, yeah, they feel really good! Premium, lightweight, but still sturdy. Lets have a look at what accessories you get underneath! Take those out, You get a handy carry case, which is actually padded, which is a nice little extra. Hopefully keeping it safe any knocks and bumps.And your usual instruction book, always read your instructions!

Jack to Jack cable, which is very necessary, and also a Hands Free Kit, which is also good! Okay, lets put them back in there. And lets have a look at the phone. Now As I said before the Ice Green Colour is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse. But unfortunately their so rare we could only get one in the Black.

Lovely Stuff Lets have a look quickly what we get, accessory wise. Charger Which is a must I hope Also hands free kit, which is lovely With spare ear buds and clip. Always handy because they tend to get lost. And also a Xperia Transfer Cable, Now this is really handy, because it means you can plug your old phone into your new phone and transfer all your data across. And your usual instruction booklets and things like that. So lets have a look at the main event, The Sony Experia Z3+ Now, on first look its very similar to the Z3.

However it feels slightly thinner and lighter. The Camera on the front, actually looks slightly bigger. And its also got a open charging dock at the bottom. Which is really handy because you won’t have to open the flap anymore! But what’s really good, its still 100% waterproof. Yeah, I like it! Now don’t forget to check out the Lowdown for our full review as soon as it comes out.