Review Xiaomi Mi 4i Specification and price

Review Xiaomi Mi 4i Specification and price

Review Xiaomi Mi 4i Specification and price - Affordable high performance smartphone fever is far from over. And one of the most highly anticipated is Xiaomi. I know that you guys must have been waiting for this one...

Xiaomi... Oooops! Xiaomi Mi 4i!

We love the Xiaomi Mi 4i design. The back side material is plastic with matte finishing which similar to Redmi 2. Thanks to the flat surface of the back side, Mi 4i is only 0.8 cm thin and its 130 gram of weight and 14x7 cm dimension makes it easy to use with one hand.

Xiaomi Mi 4i has a unibody design.This phone has 2 SIM card slots that support dual 4G LTE network and no microSD slot.Despite the US$150-230 price tag, Mi 4i has a mid-high class look. Its has adjustable backlight on the menu button and a colourful LED notification near the front facing camera. Finally we can taste the MIUI 6 and Android Lollipop 5.0.2!

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The 64-bit support from the OS improves RAM management on the device we never miss any BBM or WhatsApp notification anymore while we use it. MIUI 6 in Mi 4i consumes 1-1.2GB of RAM but there's no significant difference compare to the previous version. It still has soft display, hundreds of themes, lots of fonts options and other additional features. On the Display Settings menu, there are options to enhance colour and contrast of the display. User can also choose One-handed Mode which shrink the display size in two available options; 3.5 or 4 inch. Responsiveness is the ultimate improvement that we feel compare to the same MIUI in Redmi 2.

We rarely have delay notification and force close issue while using the Mi 4i. The octa-core CPU Snapdragon 615 and Android Lollipop...... makes a perfect combo for delivering maximum performance, thanks to 64-bit support. In addition to that, Mi 4i has the Snapdragon 615 second generation CPU with 1.7GHz clock speed. Xiaomi Mi 4i also equipped with 2GB of RAM to support the processor performance It also has 16GB of internal storage with 12GB available for usage. The display is comfortable for browsing, gaming and watching video thank to its 5 inch IPS panel display sporting Full HD resolution and 441 ppi screen density.

It also brings a perfect viewing angle even in slanting position. The Sunlight display feature will automatically adjust colour tone without increasing brightness which saves battery Full HD resolution push the GPU to the limit when rendering graphics, especially in playing games. Some HD games like Goat Simulator, Mortal Kombat X, and Implosion can run smoothly but there's a bit lag on Reckless Racing 3. We also run benchmark test to reveal its performance.

Mi 4i scored 39358 points on Antutu 5.7 benchmark and scored 5682 points on 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme benchmark. Xiaomi managed to cram 3120 mAh battery into Mi 4i slim body which will give the device up to 12 hours life with two active SIM cards. Mi 4i is great device in terms of design and battery capacity. On the flip side... the heat generated when playing games quite high, exceeding 40 degree Celsius. Accesories like casing is very useful to reduce the heat. The Mi 4i main camera has 13 MP resolution, F 2.0, and dual tone flash. 

The 2.0 aperture is very useful in capturing image with short depth of field as well as in low light condition. There are manual options available for White Balance, Shutter Speed, Focus and up to ISO 3200 there are also 2 other features... Refocus to create image with short depth of field and HDR to create a high contrast image. The front facing camera has 5 MP resolution with Age Detection and Beautify feature. It locks object and capture images pretty fast... but takes about 2-3 seconds to switch from the main camera and vice versa. Here's some images and video we captured in the highest resolution.