Simple Health Tips to Gain More Personal Freedom

Simple Health Tips to Gain More Personal Freedom - What's going on People, it is your boy Jason Statham here back again with another awesome artikel from SuperYour. Wanted to bring back our personal freedom series and talk about one of the most important things to your personal freedom is your health, and making sure that you can do the things that you want to do, as you age and as you acquire wealth and savings and all that good stuff. So I wanted to give you my tips on how to be healthy. Now I'm not talking about like super fit, triathlon running, you know, well just super fit stuff.

Simple Health Tips to Gain More Personal Freedom

I'm talking about lazy man's guide to health. Because there's no point investing your whole life to be healthy if that's all you do. Now if it's your passion do it, but if it's not your passion you just want to be healthy to enjoy the things that you do enjoy. So here are a few tips that I've done over my life to help me stay thin and stay relatively healthy.

First of all I drink coffee, but I don't put cream and sugar in it. Once I moved out here to Spokane I noticed I was coming to the coffee shop all of the time and the cream and sugar adds up. It's not a lot, but when you're drinking a bunch of coffee it's easy to save a bit by just learning to like the flavour of black coffee. Along the food aspect one thing I'd recommend is switching to organic food. I'm not saying it because I'm not going to go on this rant about how it's better or better for the environment, better for the animals, all that stuff. I don't really care about that. You know and that's nice, it's a better tasting food generally speaking, but the reason is, is you're going to get about 20% less in your package than you get with your processed food, plants or your non organic stuff.

Simple Health Tips to Gain More Personal Freedom

So what it does is you keep your budget the same and go to organic food and automatically you're cutting your food intake by a good bit. And that's going to be one of the biggest causes to getting overweight is just eating too much. So once you get used to organic foods and the quality it is and scale back your food intake, it's a good step. Now let's talk about exercise. It's kind of important. One of the things that I like to do is go out with my wife and my dog, and now my new born child on a regular basis. We'll go for long walks.

It will be like an hour, hour and a half and we generally do it after work. And it's a great way for us to not only get a little bit of exercise in, but also to put away the distractions of the TV's and the phones and iPads, and really talk to her at a one to one level and discuss what we want to do as a family as we grow. So it's excellent on two fronts, and it's real easy. You just walk outside and you walk around. We'll walk for about an hour which is about 3 miles is generally what we do, but we don't do a lot of hills or anything like that, it's pretty flat. In regards to higher intensity sports I grew up doing the traditional sports like golf or soccer or basketball, what else is there, football. So I played all these and what I noticed is as I've gotten older I'm not as athletic and talented as I remember myself being. So I kind of get into this little funk.

I won't be able to run as fast, I won't be able to nail a three pointer like I used to, I can't dunk like I used to. So what I found is that if you switch to a new sport you have no frame of reference and it's a great way to build up your confidence and self-esteem as you learn new techniques and new sports. For instance I just recently started boxing within the past year. And you know, I know I'm not the best boxer, but that's the nice thing is like I do it as a way to exercise, get healthy. In college I started rowing and that was a great sport to get into, and there are hundreds of sports out there that you can get involved in and get passionate about where you're not going to have those psychological battles of comparing yourself to your much more fit, more svelte self. And then let's talk about the good stuff man, drinking beer.

So I recommend drinking, I love IPA. There's a good IPA out here in the North West and the stuff is it's got some punch to it. You'll get about I'd say it's about the equivalent of drinking 2 or 3 beers. Around the same amount of calories as that or less than that. And so all I need is one good beer or 2 good beers and that's it for the day. So another easy way to cut out a bunch of calories and have a better experience in life by drinking better beer. A long those lines if you really can't cut your consumption on beer, maybe you should try switching to pot. That's a calorie fee type of activity. Gets you going, you know. Smoke a little smoke. And the most import thing is just make a habit out of all this stuff. It's really easy when it's a habit. Just go out and do it regularly and the pounds will come off. Don't build Rome in a day and take care of yourself. As always thanks for watching, thanks subscribing. Cheers and beard on.