Tips of Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women

Tips of Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Women

Tips of Healthy Dietand Nutrition for Women - Welcome to Health Care at Home. Today we'll talk about Energetic and Beautifying Breakfast for women What should she eat to maintain her energy level and to enhance her beauty Its a very simple formula Grate an apple along with its skin and grate carrot too, both should be in an equal quantity. But grate them separately and not together After this, mix them well and have it in the breakfast, empty stomach Keep the quantity as same as it is of your normal breakfast After having this do not eat anything for next 2 hours.

This will help you to increase energy level, to enhance the beauty and in weight loss too. Have this mixture instead of breakfast in case you want to loose weight I'll tell you an amazing thing. If you want to gain weight, then have this same mixture after the meal.

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The same mixture will also help you in gaining weight if you have it after your daily meals. And your energy level will also rise So, in case of weight loss, have it empty stomach And in case of weight gain, have it after the meal. Apart from this, take 7 piece of almonds and soak them in water overnight. In the morning mash it and add 1 spoon of poppy seeds into it.

Mix them well, and make a paste of it Then add 1 spoon of honey into it and have this paste along with a glass of milk in the morning Your energy level will increase amazingly You'll experience a great stamina and freshness in your body And it won't even increase your weight Wasn't those an amazing remedies? Wish you a great health wealth wellness & abundance, keep watching our videos Subscribe this channel and tell your friends also to subscribe it Get health tips at home and keep the doctor away.