Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and MIUI 7 Thoughts and Impressions

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2and MIUI 7 Thoughts and Impressions - Hey Guys, my name is Shubham and in this blog, let us talk about the Xiaomi's event which they holded up on 13th of August. So, they released the MIUI 7 along with 3 new smartphones in that event. Without any further a due, let us get to the blog and take a look at the MIUI 7 along with the 3 devices.

So, the devices that they released on the event were namely the Redmi Note 2 3g variant, the Redmi Note 2 4g variant and the Redmi Note 2 prime variant.
Let us firstly talk about the looks and if we ignore the camera placement, the back of the device was exactly similar to the MI 4i's back. I am not just talking about the Redmi Note 2 3g or 4g or the prime variant, but about all 3 of them.

Let us talk about the hard ware and all the 3 devices come with the Mediatek Helios X10 processor with 2 giga hertz of clock speedn for the 3g and the 4g variant and 2.2 giga hertz for the prime variant. The RAM though is 3GB for all the 3 variants. Though, the internal storage has been increased and the 3g and the 4g variant would be having 16 GB internal storage whereas the 4g variant would be having 32 GB internal storage. Do note that all the 3 smartphones would be having expandable storage of upto I think 32 GB.

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So all the 3 devices would be supporting 5.5 inch full HD display and that's quite nice because the Redmi Note 4g and the 3g had a 720 pixels display which gave a pixel density of I think of around 200 something pixels per inch and that and that was pretty low but along with the 1080p display, the devices would get around 401 pixel count per inch and that is pretty nice.

One thing which I am quite dissapointed and afraid about is the battery life. The phones support only a 3060 milli amp hour battery and that is not enough in my opinion because you are increasing the cores to eight cores and also increasing the pixel resolution of the display and degrading the battery. Well, that is not wise enough in my opinion.

Let us now talk about the cameras on the smartphones. All the three smartphones would be supporting the same camera which would be of thirteen megapixels. The company has not increased the mega pixel count but have done serious improvement inside. They said that the phone can focus in just 0.1 second and that is faster than the S5 which is still now available for seventeen thousand rupees. They saud that the camera is now using 5 lenses. The company also said that the flash used on this device is also upgraded from the Redmi Note 4g or the 3g and that is now much brighter. Though,much information about the front cameras are not yet available.

Finally let us talk about the pricing. The 3g version is supposed to be priced at just Ruppees 8 thousand which is the current price of the Redmi Note 4g. And also, the 4g variant would be priced at just around 900 which is the current price of YU Yureka. ANd finally the prime variant is supposed to be coming with the price tag of just rupees 10000 so that is pretty nice for a smartphone with these much specifications and this less price so, thumbs up to Xiaomi for that.

Now that I have covered everything about the devices, let us talk about the MIUI 7. So, according to me, the MIUI 7 is a great upgrade from the MIUI 6. They have changed the things like the File Explorer and the dialer and that is quiet nice. Though the main drawer of the smartphones have not been changed. Xiaomi has brought up a new theme design along with the MIUI 7. They are offering 7 pre installed themes on these devices which would be based on different colours. For example Black, Red,Blue and White etc. So, in this way, the people can customize according to which color they like the most and that is pretty nice and thumbs up to Xiaomi for including that feature.

The ROM is based on android version 5.0 which is lollipop and this should fix the issues of lagging and overheating on devices like MI 4 and of course, the MIUI 7 is not staying till the Redmi Note 2, it should launch for the Flagship series like the MI 4 and the MI 4i and for the Redmi series too like the Redmi 1s and The Redmi Note. And this should fix several issues of the Redmi Note 4g which are of the camera lag etc. because of the android upgrade of lollipop.

So guys that was pretty much it about what Xiaomi talked about in the event and with that we finally come to the end of this blog. I hope that you liked the blog and if you did, do hit that thumbs up button to let me know. Also, you can comment down below to give me your suggestions on the Redmi Note 2s ROM and the phone itself.