iPhone Photography Apps You Must To Know

iPhone Photography Apps

1. Snapchat 

Basically it's pretty easy, everyone knows what it is, you have your friends you can chat with, you have your stories you can look at, and then you literally just snap, type, add a filter and then send. Download here

2. Retica

Basically this is one of my favourites. You can press this flip tool and basically it flicks through loads of filters which are really good and add really good effects to your camera. You can get the full version of this but I only have the free one, so you can get even more filters, but you can also click on the filters and the categories and go through them manually if there is one that's your favourite. You can add layouts and perspectives and then what's also really good about it is that you can focus on specific areas and adjust the brightness and contrast whilst you're doing it. Download here

3. Glitche

This is my all time favourite app, I've used it for uni and other project, basically you select your picture and then it has many different things you can do like glitch. And then you can save these as videos, stop them, pause them. Scan which spreads the image. Channels which just mixes the colours around a bit. Invert, which inverts part of the image that you select. Grid which turns your image into a grid that you can expand into and the more times you press it the larger the grid gets, or smaller. Lines which is the same but just with lines. Scene, the same but it's a scene and you can move it around so it's like a landscape, it's actually pretty cool. Download here

4. Pixel grid

Again the same but just with pixels. LCD, which just changes the hues. Burn which burns part of the image. And then you've got pixelate which pixelates part of the image. Fill, which fills it with colour that you can change. VHS, which creates the old video style. Gradient. Blur, it blurs and then stretches back which you can save as a motion as well. Download here

5. Datamosh

Which moves the image around in a weird way. Databend which is very similar.  Purple which is similar again, but creates a purple hue. Colour, to completely make the colour go crazy. This one just takes a shape out of it and expands it, I'm not sure what use that could be, but this one mirrors as well, so that's cool. This is a new one that I haven't really seen, so I'm not sure about that one. Download here

6. Liquify

Does what it says on the tin. Edges just picks up the edges, but with this one it's not very much. Emoji, this one creates the image out of Emoji's, which it's just taking a little while to load this one. There you go, and you can change the colours and stuff, it works better with some than others. Then blocks, which just turns it into blocks. I just like the fact that you can save them as moving images through that as well. Download here

7. Whitagram

Basically you take your image... and if it's not a square it puts it into a square so you can upload it onto Instagram and things like that, without having to crop the image. You can also edit from that app as well but I don't usually tend to do that. Download here

8. Procam

You can take the pictures in this with the multiple settings but I tend to take my own pictures, and then open it up in this and then it has many functions. It has all the rotation, and cropping tools. Then it has the adjustment tools, brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, highlights, shadows, sharpness etc, filters, lens finishes, and then it also has a button here in the bottom corner which if you hold down shows the original.  Download Here

9. Circular

Basically it does what it says on the tin, I'll show you one of the 'epic' examples, I use this one a lot. If you select a picture, and then it turns it into a circular, you can zoom in and out, rotate, invert, repeat, flip, there's many different things you can play around with. And then you can add effects like lens flares and things like that. You can edit further the colours, add layers and filters. Download here

10. Hyperlapse

I can't really show you what it does right now but basically it just takes a video over a certain long period of time and condenses it down so it happens really fast. Instagram layout, I used to have Diptic but now I have this one because Diptic was good but this one allows you to do things like this, I'll just show you, I did this the other day. For example I can show you, like I did one like this, and you can basically just mirror and flip it and it works out really well and looks really good. Download here

11. Trimaginator

I used this for University to create Data-Portraits, basically you put a picture in, it works better with some than others, and then it picks out the angles in it and turns them into shape. Download here

12. Polamtic

What this one does is you pick a photograph, edit it, and it basically prints it out digitally as a Polaroid so you can upload it with that finish, it's got filters, adjustments, borders, different Polaroid borders, things like that, then you just export it and upload it where ever you want. Download Here

13. Analog Film

Basically all of these at the top are groups of filters and all of them have about twelve filters within them so that's a lot of filters and they're really quite nice so I use them quite a lot. Download here

14. Photoblend 

I do have more, well I did have more sorry, but I tried to delete some because my phone was just rammed full, I didn't use them all anyway so, if I select two photographs with this photoblend app. Some work better than others, but what it will do is it will blend them together so when I press one of these buttons... it will slowly start to blend them together. Download here

But then what I can do is I can change the contrast and the amount of blend and the brightness. Let's try that again. So when I press one of these, it will merge them together, gradually, as you can see like I say some work better than others, but you can select them and change the contrasts, and the amount of blendedness that you get. That way, you can create an image that blends two together, I use this for books and things like that.

So that's all of my apps for now, apart from Instagram, Instagram I upload a lot of my images onto. I don't really use the auto because I don't really like it. I don't really use the filters anymore, but I use all of these to fine-tune exactly how I want an image to go because I just think that they're really good. A cool new feature is this colour blocker where you can select the shadows and give them a hue, and select the highlights and give them a hue as well. So basically, that's all of the apps that I use and this is my Instagram.

Okay so, that's everything that I use on my phone, to edit photographs and post them onto social media like Instagram. It's not that complicated, I just like to get a bit creative with it and change things up because I get bored of posting the same old things.