Review CoolerMaster Cosmos II Specifications and Feature

Review CoolerMaster Cosmos II

Review CoolerMasterCosmos II Specifications and Feature - The importance of a PC case may be hidden inside it but its overall significance is huge if you want a healthy and stable build. During the upcoming weeks I will be showing you the rich and big line of PC cases that Coolermaster has. You are read the SuperYour article with Renata and this is the CoolerMaster Cosmos II, the successor of the first Cosmos which was a commercial success.

Specifications of CoolerMaster Cosmos II

Review CoolerMaster Cosmos II

We won't be unboxing this since it arrived in a huge package but there were a lot of replacement parts and screws inside. The first and most impressive thing someone will notice is the size of the Cosmos II which I'm not sure whether it seems as imposing through the camera lens as in real life. Let's check out the dimensions of the Cosmos II: Height: 70.4cm Depth: 66.4 cm Width: 34.4 cm Weight: 22kg.

What I really like about the Cosmos II is its robust build quality and the high quality of the materials that were used to create this PC case. Brushed aluminum and steel practically steal the show here. Its metallic and solid handles for easier transports and its useful rubber feet mounted on the bottom rails are part of a great overall presentation. The Cosmos II design appeals to me. Its curves and low profile look definitely won me over.

Let's start taking a closer look. I'll start from the top front side where the control panel is situated with a power button, reset button, HDD LED status icons and fan buttons.  The lower part of the control panel features two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, one eSata port, one headset port and a microphone port. Three 5.25 inch slots for optical drives and two 3.5 inch slots for hard drives are hidden behind the sliding cover of the front panel.Also, the bottom part of the front panel features a slide-out dust filter for improved maintenance.A 120mm blue LED fan is situated behind the dust filter.

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Although the top side of the Cosmos II supports 240/280mm radiators, I believe a second fan should have been included for people who do not have a radiator.Also, the top side has a removable cover with a dust filter connected to it.The back side of the Cosmos II does not have anything out of the ordinary. The only things that stand out are the three grommets for liquid cooling, the ten PCI slots and the 140mm fan of 1200 RPM.

The side panels can be removed with the press of a button. I was worried whether the hinges would be strong enough but later on I found out that they're metallic.Both side panels have air ducts with a dust filter and specifically the left panel supports two 120mm fans.Inside the case is where the magic happens!
As you can see, the Cosmos II has enough space for you to put in anything you might want. There's support for Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX motherboards, cooling systems of up to 19cm and four double slot graphics cards up to 35cm. The Cosmos II features eleven HDD caddies while the bottom ones are cooled by two 120mm fans.

A removable dust filter is situated in the default location of the power supply and I really appreciate the small foam part which is there to avoid small vibrations. bAll these things are expected from a PC case of the high end category but the CoolerMaster Cosmos II provided me with a solution to every problem I faced with my previous case. We all know there are some universal standards but each PC build has its own space and layout needs.

Moreover, it is clear that the designers of this PC case wanted to provide as much space as possible for cable management and the grommets that extend to the side of the case are a great proof. Last but not least, a lot of people haven't yet understood that a great cooling system is not enough to keep the system's temperature low. Your PC case is also significant for that. And the Cosmos II does an excellent job at it. In comparison to my previous case, I now have 5 to 10 degrees less.

You may ask, who is this PC case intended to? Obviously, its size and plethora of options are not intended for the basic PC user. It's not only for the enthusiast user but it also appeals to businesses who deal with servers daily and need a lot of backup drives.

The CoolerMaster Cosmos II is available at the price of €378. However, you may find it cheaper in certain stores. I'm seriously excited about the CoolerMaster Cosmos II since I feel safe for my future PC upgrades due to its flexibility and comfort.