Review Destiny The Ghost Edition Specifications and feature

Destiny The Ghost

Review  Destiny The Ghost Edition Specifications andfeature - If you are a gamer, you probably were not able to avoid the Destiny hype train and you already know about the release of Activision's new IP. You are read the superyour article with Renata and this is the Destiny Ghost Edition for PS4. A similar one is available for Xbox One, too.  We expected the package to be bigger from what we've seen in product images, but this is big enough already. Let's get on with the unboxing.

The outer part of the collector's edition has a velvet texture and the game's logo featured on it. We cut the four protective stickers and we start the unpacking process. The first thing we found inside is the Ghost replica which is quite lightweight and its build quality is amazing.  The Ghost Replica has two different light spots and the voice of Peter Dinklage can be activated via an integrated motion sensor.

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Peter Dinklage: Fascinating! This place is littered with pre-golden age artifacts. Of course, most collector's editions come with a Limited Edition steelBook case and Destiny's Ghost Edition is no different.  The Steelbook has a matte texture in its front side and it includes the game disc, a 30 days PS Plus Trial, a redeemable code for the digital goodies and a USB cable for the Ghost replica.

Another item of the Ghost Edition is the Guardian Folio which among others it includes an “Arms and Armament” Field Guide to prepare players for their journey in Destiny.  Guardian Folio Contents:

1. Destiny Expansion Pass (Includes The Dark Below & House of Wolves)

2. Postcards from the Golden Age

3. A Letter of Introduction

4. An Antique Star Chart (essentially a map of the planets in Destiny)

Last but not least, a paper folder includes some extra Destiny goodies called Golden Age Relics, which include a Patch, a Sticker and two Chrome slides of the Traveler. The Destiny Ghost Edition is available now for €159.  Although the Ghost Edition offers sufficient content to please gamers, it is a little bit overpriced.  Game collectors will find the Ghost Edition of Destiny exemplary and it is another great addition to Bungie's Collector's Editions.