Review GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Specifications and Feature

Review GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

Review GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Specifications andFeature - GoPro has become absolute synonymous of action cams and many times, describes the whole category. And if you think about the competition, that’s not an easy feat. I am Renata, you are Read SuperYour and this is GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition. Hero 4 comes with a very special packaging, which includes  so many components, I could spend a whole episode about them.

The only thing worth mentioning is that, the protective shell that allows the camera to dive into water, is present. Let’s see Hero 4 itself. The visual differences with Hero 3 is almost nonexistent. Its size is exceptionally small and in terms of design is minimalistic. What I love about GoPro is the soft touch coating, which helps the grip of the camera.

It is also able to take some beating even without the protective case. What I do not like is the cap that protects some of the ports, because I am constantly afraid of losing it. It doesn’t come off easy, but I’d rather have something holding it nearby the ports. The difference with the previous version lies inside.

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This little thing can fit in the palm of a hand, yet still it can record 4K video @30fps in ultra wide angle, 2.7K video @60fps, 1440p @80fps, 1080p @120fps and 720p @240fps for great slow motion shots. One of the selling points of the camera is SuperView, a GoPro technology that allows video capture in wider angles than the ones we are accustomed to.

In terms of photography, we get 12MP and with the help of long exposure up to 30secs, taking night shots is pure pleasure. Furthermore, we get very fast capture that can reach 30 frames in one second. Finally, the easy handling of the improved settings menu is something worth mentioning, as well as the control via smartphone over Wi-Fi, giving its user the ability to live preview the shots on the smartphone. We took the camera for a ride in Aridea, Greece, and I think it is time to let you enjoy some footage.

You can find GoPro Hero 4 on at €529. There is however the simpler Silver Edition of Hero 4 at €418 and if you are looking for something even simpler, you can check out GoPro Hero at €139. There is not much else to say about the Black Edition. It is one of the best action cams out there.