Review Motorola Moto G Specifications and Feature

Review Motorola Moto G

Review Motorola MotoG  Specifications and Feature - Have you ever wondered what do you really need from a smartphone? Apparently, power users as known as geeks want everything. On the other hand, how many people out there are geeks? I'm Renata and this is the Motorola Moto G, one of the most value for money smartphones available in the market right now.

The Moto G and its biggest brother called Moto X have already been released a few months now in Brazil, US and parts of Europe and it marked the strong comeback of Motorola with the help of Google. Motorola though was recently bought by Lenovo but this is something that we will probably discuss on our next Q&A session.

Specifications of Motorola Moto G

Review Motorola Moto G

Let's go ahead and start the shortest Review of  Motorola Moto G,  The retail package only contains the Moto G, some manuals and a micro-USB cable. Yes, your eyes are not fooling you. There's no AC charger inside but thankfully you can buy USB chargers for less than €10.

The first thing someone notices in Moto G is it's amazing build quality compared to its price. The device is quite sturdy and the overall feeling you get when you hold the Moto G in your hands does not reveal that you're holding a budget smartphone. I truly appreciate its glossy finishes on its edges and the velvet texture on its back which is responsible for a firm grip.

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Front side: Calls speaker and a 1.3MP camera Bottom side: 1x Micro-USB port and 1x microphone Top side: 1x audio jack port and 1x noise cancellation microphone Right side: A power button and volume button (don't worry about them being loose, it's just a design choice) Back side: A 5MP Camera, a LED Flash and a speaker The back cover of the device can be removed while it's battery cannot unfortunately. The back cover comes in various colors too.

Display: 4.5 inches Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Dimensions: 129.9mm Height - 65.9mm Width - 11.6mm thickness The Moto G is not the thinnest neither the most lightweight phone in the market since it's not made out of cheap plastic even though someone can think of that considering its price.

What makes the Moto G a truly exceptional smartphone is its great technical specifications that it offers compared to its low price. CPU: Snapdragon 400 Quad-Core clocked at 1.2GHz GPU: Adreno 305 RAM: 1GB Storage: 8/16GB Display: IPS LCD 720p with a pixel density of 326ppi Battery: 2070mAh (It lasted 2 days on 40% screen brightness, its GPS turned off and it should be noted that it was charged with an AC charger) Unfortunately, Moto G's biggest disadvantage is that it does not support 4G networks.

Moto G ships with Android 4.4.2. Moto G's OS is pretty much a stock Android with a few customizations by Motorola like the camera's UI. The overall user experience does not differ that much from Nexus or Google Play devices stock Android experience. I'll be honest with you. I'm a Nexus 5 owner which I use daily and love a lot. After a few days of testing the Motorola Moto G, I can easily say that my experience with it was <b><u>not</b></u> quite subordinate.

Everything was smooth and fast from web browsing to playing games. Moreover, I was impressed with its display. 720p on a 4.5-inch display is as sharp as 1080p on 5-inch or 6-inch displays. Aside from that, the black levels of the display were acceptable, its colors beautiful and natural and its viewing angles richer than Nexus 5. Last but not least, the Motorola Moto G has a 5MP camera and it can record video up to 720p and 30fps with stereo sound.

Although I'd love to have 1080p video, Moto G camera's great performance and features like auto focus, HDR, face detection, panorama photos, slow motion videos and manual focus/exposures make up for the lack of 1080p. Motorola Moto G is available now exclusively at Wind stores in Greece for €189.

We say this without any enthusiasm or hyperboles: The Motorola Moto G is one of the best value for money smartphones available right now and it serves as an answer to smartphone manufacturers that ask an arm and a leg for their flagship smartphone. We believe that the Motorola Moto G meets the needs of 80% of the world population, to say the least.