Review Nexus 5 Specifications and Feature

Review Nexus 5

Review Nexus 5Specifications and Feature - I have mentioned in the past that high-end smartphones are overpriced in general. There are some exceptions, though. Hello there people! I'm Renata, your usual writer, and this is the Nexus 5, the latest smartphone from Google in collaboration with LG. This is the second time that Google has trusted LG with creating a new smartphone for them. Probably because they did an excellent job with Nexus 4.

Specifications of Nexus 5

Review Nexus 5

The retail's package vibrant and colorful colors are a nice change from Nexus 4. Let's get on with the unboxing! The first thing we find inside is the Nexus 5 but we'll leave it aside for now so that we can show you the remaining package contents.

1. A Sim Card removal tool

2. Quick Start Guides

3. An AC Power Adapter

4. A USB Cable used for transferring data to or from a PC and Mac.

We remove the protective covers and we are ready to start exploring the Nexus 5. First of all, we were truly impressed by the feeling you get when you hold the Nexus 5 in your hands. Lightweight, thin and stylish probably sums it up. Moreover, I love the texture on the back side mainly because of its velvet feeling and the fact that it is quite durable at preventing scratches and fingerprints.

Overall, Nexus 5 is quite compact with an excellent build quality that gives you the feeling that you are holding a very expensive smartphone in your hands. Front side: A 1.3MP camera, a calls speaker and screen sensors Bottom side: A Mono speaker, a microphone and a USB port This is a second wave Nexus 5 which means that the speaker is now where it should be, it has bigger holes and the buttons of the smartphone are now more easily pressed. Left side: Volume Adjust button Top side: Noise cancellation microphone and a headphones jack port Right side: Power button and a Micro SD card slot A weird move by LG was the fact that the camera of Nexus 5 is extruded a little bit.

This makes the smartphone rest on its camera when it is placed on a table and it makes us worry each time we place it on any surface. Let's take a look at its dimensions! Height: 137.9mm Width: 69.2mm Thickness: 8.6mm Weight: 130g (this is a quite small number for a phone with these dimensions) The best thing about Nexus 5 is its technical specifications considering its price. Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU: Quad-Core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 GPU: Adreno 330 RAM: 2GB Storage: 16/32GB (The 32GB model adds $50 to the smartphone's starting price) Display: Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Full HD resolution with a 445 pixel per density Battery: Non removable Li Po 2300 mAh battery (quite dissapointing battery life) Nexus 5 supports most 4G/LTE networks unlike Nexus 4.

The second wave of Nexus 5 smartphones comes pre-installed with Android 4.4.2 and since we're talking about a Nexus smartphone you are getting the purest and most authentic Android experience anyone can get. Nexus 5 responds immediately to every user request, the touch accuracy has been greatly improved and its display is quite impressive.

It may not be as good as the display of Galaxy S4, LG G2 or HTC One but it is still a very sharp and vibrant display with a lot of viewing angles. It may not be an important drawback as its small battery life but we noticed that Nexus 5 has a weaker Wi-Fi signal range than other high-end smartphones. As I mentioned before, Nexus 5's biggest problem is its battery life. Thankfully, Nexus 5 charges even faster than Nexus 4 from 0 to 100.

As for Nexus 5's camera, if you can ignore the fact that it automatically focus each 5 seconds and the absence of manual focus during video mode, it won't disappoint you. Nexus 5 (16GB) is available now at the price of €399. Nexus 5 provides high end performance at a medium range price. This is why we give it a big thumbs up since it is the best value for money smartphone available right now in the market. Don't forget that Nexus 5 will provide you with the purest Android experience on the market. What is your opinion on the new Nexus 5? Tell us in the comments section.