Review Xbox One (Day One Edition)

Review Xbox One (Day One Edition)

Review Xbox One (DayOne Edition) - Hello there people! This is Renata in another article of SuperYour. In today's episode, we will take a look at Xbox One which is Microsoft's next gen offer in the video games industry. This is the Day One Xbox One Edition which offers some extra goodies as well as FIFA 14. Let's get on with the unboxing! First of all, Xbox One's packaging is certainly better than PS4's mainly because of its safer wrapping and sleek looking box.

A manual, a Day One achievement, a FIFA 14 downloadable code, and an Xbox One sticker are some of the things we found first inside. Next up, we found the AC power cable and the power brick which looks the same in terms of design with the Xbox One. Microsoft and Sony did not include HDMI cables in most previous generation console bundles and it is good to know that they learned from their mistakes.

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Xbox One's new headset looks even more modern and elegant. The only thing left to know is if it sounds good as well since we have not tested it yet. The Xbox One controller could not be missing from the package. There are a few new changes here which we can't cover in this unboxing. So, stay tuned for an Xbox One controller review.

It's time for two of the most importants items of the package. Kinect 2.0 is bigger than its predecessor, featuring a cooling fan on its back and it keeps on par with the Xbox One design. There will be an individual review episode for Kinect 2.0, so stay tuned. It's time for Xbox One! We are really impressed by how lightweight Xbox One is compared to its size. We also like its minimal and "clean" design which is clearly displayed by its 90-degree corners.

It is not supposed to look like a gaming console since Microsoft wants to take over the living room with entertainment apps but it is not ugly at all. Since Xbox One was designed to be used under extended periods of time, this is probably the first console in the video games industry with so many cooling fans.

On the top side, we have one surface split into two sides. The left side features ventilation grills to ensure enough airflow and the right one is glossy with the Xbox logo on it. Front side: A power button, a Blu-Ray disc slot, an eject button and a sync button A USB 3.0 port is hidden on the left side of the console. Back side: AC power port, 1x HDMI Out, 1x S/PDIF, 1x HDMI In, 2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x Kinect port, 1x IR port, 1x Ethernet port I was disappointed to see that Microsoft used inexpensive plastic for non glossy surfaces like Sony did with the PS4.

Despite that, we are overall satisfied with both consoles when it comes to build quality. I'll stop talking now so that you can check out Microsoft's new console. Xbox One is available now in 13 countries for €499. Unfortunately, Greece is not one of these countries along with others and Microsoft has not made an official announcement yet about this issue. !