Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs of All Time You Must To Know

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs of All Time - SuperYour presents the Top 10 iOS RPGs of All Time Our ranking is not a personal opinion. It's based on a 1 to 10 score that aggregates gamers and critics' reviews into a unique score called playscore.


Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

A game that is full of retro goodness, Slayin is one simple, addicting game that is so easy to pick up on your phone and never put it down. Choose from three characters: the knight, the mage, and the knave.. to battle hordes of evil. With fast-paced action right off the bat. endless gameplay. and a slick retro-style button interface. A playscore of 8.6

9. Infinity Blade 3

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

Graphically, it's one of the finest ever released on iOS. Some added features and hub designs didn't work that well and made the game tedious. Still the swipe control during combat is one of the most intense and satisfying I've ever played! Exceptional visuals a new playable character and more badass enemies to slay! It holds a playscore of 8.6

8. Tiny Dice Dungeon

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

This game takes you back to one of the core mechanics of early RPGs - the dice-roll! Funny, cause when I played this game I sure thought that I would toss it aside in about 5 minutes. Then the intense battles, the loot grinding, and the, surprisingly addictive dice-roll got me hooked for days! It has a playscore of 8.7

7.  Final Fantasy VI

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

The last of the 16-bit FF games, and the most refined final fantasy port for mobile devices yet. It comes with a graphical boost over the original. The characters and environment textures are smooth. Plus the musical score has been remastered! But it's not all praise. There are some bad changes, too. One glaring example is the new virtual joypad lag, that comes with half-second delay. A playscore of 8.7

6.  The Banner Saga

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

this is An engrossing RPG with a great theme, a branching choice-driven plot, and splendid music to go along with it. I like how the health stat is proportional to your damage...making you think twice before tanking your buffest character. but because this is originally a PC game, the port isn't perfect. It has occasional framerate drops. A playscore of 8.7

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5.  Dragon Quest V

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

The ace of the series. DQ5 is a port of the Nintendo DS version. It comes with updated graphics and better monster animations. It's all encompassing in its scope. You start from being a boy travelling the world with your father.. growing up.. settling down.. and having kids of your own who would all eventually join you in battle like a happy family bond. A playscore of 8.8

4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

Republic This game is a classic, representing BioWare's RPG finesse that has been perfected through the years. Don't mind the outdated visuals. It comes with a fantastic story, impressive gameplay and, most importantly, good touch controls. And, I think, these are reasons enough to try out this game! It holds a playscore of 8.8

3.  Battleheart Legacy

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

A role-playing game that stands out for being too generic. It plays and looks good, you won't really find any shocking or unique feature in this game. However, by sticking to what works and polishing it close to perfection, Battleheart Legacy becomes a game that is easy to pick-up and play, but hard to put down. A playscore of 8.8

2.  One Piece Treasure Cruise

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

A game for fans of the anime franchise and even those who aren't.. The game does well on re-telling the story of One Piece through great cutscenes and script, which is perfect for those who don't have any clue about how it all goes. oh, the ''rock-paper-scissors'' attack relationship and the thrilling tapping control isreally clever, to say the least. A playscore of 9.2.

1.  Attack the Light - Steven

Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad RPGs

Universe Light RPG Who knew knew Cartoon Network could create such a great role-playing game. I've gotta be honest , I've only seen quite a few episodes of Steven Universe, but the intro and cutscenes instantly got me curious to play it and I am proud to say that I love it! The battles may get dragged on as tough bosses appear. But because easy to grasp game rules simplified traveling through swipe gestures and funny dialogues It makes the gameplay worth it. A playscore of 9.5

To recap here are the 10 best role-playing games on the iOS.