Top 5 iOS Ketchapp Games You Must To Know

Top 5 iOS Ketchapp Games - Welcome to the Top 5 iOS KetchApp Games!


Top 5 iOS Ketchapp Games

we’ve got Circle. From the start screen, Circle looks like an extremely easy game with one simple straight line and a funky coloured circle, but as soon as you actually start the game, it’s a whole different story. As the game begins, the line will begin to move and quickly becomes a line with many sharp bends, so your aim is to navigate your circle along the line to try and survive for as long as possible.

To control your circle and prevent it from touching the line, all you have to do is tap your screen to move your circle up and do nothing to make it fall, and although it may look and sound extremely easy, it certainly isn’t and will require you to have great timing skills in order to do well. Along your Circle journey, you’ll be able to collect diamonds by having your circle come into contact with them on each go, after you’ve collected enough diamonds, you can then spend them on new and interesting Circles for you to use and enjoy. Addictive, fun to play and frustrating is the best way to describe Circle and if you’re about it download it, just a little warning, you’ll find it quite hard to put the game down.


Top 5 iOS Ketchapp Games

we’ve got ZigZag. In the game, you play as a black ball with the aim of navigating the crazy path to try and get a great high-score. In order to control your ball, you’ll have to quickly tap the screen to move left or right so you can navigate the various deadly bends and for every corner that you manage to turn successfully, you’ll earn one point and if you collect a diamond, you’ll get 2 points.

What’s great about ZigZag is that the difficulty can vary, as sometimes you’ll get lucky and get sections of the path without many bends, and other times, you’ll find yourself facing multiple sharp turns where quick reactions will be needed in order to survive, as having loads of sharp turns in a short period of time makes it easy to lose track of the direction of your ball, which usefully results in your ball falling off the edge. You’ll also have to be careful of the random colour change of the path, something that could distract you and make the game even harder. Once you’ve accumulated enough diamonds, you can then head over to the in-game shop to spend them on unlocking new balls that feature cooler designs. So if you’re looking for a KetchApp game that will put your reaction skills to the ultimate test, then ZigZag is the definitely worth checking out.


Top 5 iOS Ketchapp Games

we’ve got a KetchApp game that every mobile gamer has probably heard of, and that's 2048. As you begin playing the game, you’ll be presented with a 4 by 4 grid that features tiles with numbers on them. Your aim is to strategically move the tiles left, right, up or down to connect two tiles with the same number which will then merge them into one, which not only helps with your overall score but also helps to free up space on the grid.

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After a short while of merging the various numbers, the numbers of some of the tiles will most likely be quite high, making it a lot harder to merge the current numbers on the grid. Once you’ve got to the point where you can no longer successfully merge two tiles and the 4 by 4 grid completely fills up, the game is over. If fancy trying something a little different, you can head over to the challenges section, where you’ll be tasked with collecting a certain number of tiles for challenge. As a whole, the gameplay for 2048 is relatively easy and a concept that you’ll pick up instantly, which helps make the game even more addictive.


Top 5 iOS Ketchapp Games

we’ve got Don’t Touch The Spikes. In the game, all you simply have to do is tap the screen to make your bird go higher and do nothing to make it fall to the ground, so your aim is for you to manoeuvre your bird with great precision, to prevent the bird from coming in contact with the spikes. As soon as you touch one of the walls successfully you’ll earn one point, your bird will then automatically turn around for you to try and dodge the spikes again, so the longer you stay alive, the higher your score will be. So it’s highly important for you judge your birds position perfectly and have great timing skills to prevent your bird from having a painful death.

Like many of the other KetchApp games, Don’t Touch The Spikes features mini-games, and these are exploring a cave in search for diamonds, entering a dual and more. Throughout the main game and the mini-games you’ll be able to collect various candies and gems which can be spent on awesome new birds. With so much to keep you busy in Don’t Touch The Spikes, it’s certainly a game you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again.


Top 5 iOS Ketchapp Games

 If you’re also a big of KetchApp’s games, there’s a good chance that you already guessed what game was at number one, and that’s the highly addictive game, The Tower. The aim of the game is for you to build your tower as high as you possibly can. In order to do this, you’ll have to strategically tap the screen to successfully place another section of the tower on top of the rest. For every successful placement, you will be rewarded with coins, a perfect placement will earn you ten coins, a good placement will earn you five coins and anything else will earn you one coin, but if you’re brave enough to play extremely quickly, the amount of coins you earn will increase.

After you’ve managed to collect enough coins, you can then purchase various power-ups to help you out, which include a head start, coin doubler and also insurance. In terms of larger purchases, you can buy different towers that include the lighthouse, a city home and also a castle. Now although every KetchApp game is addictive to some degree, with The Tower being so simple and having a great level of replay-ability,  it’s definitely the most addictive out of them all, so it won’t take you long before you’ll find yourself getting frustrated and playing again and again just to beat your previous high-score.