Top 5 Most Addictive Free iOS Games You Must To Know

Top 5 Most Addictive Free iOS Games - Welcome to the Top 5 Most Addictive Free iOS Games

5. TwoDots
Top 5 Most Addictive Free iOS Games

we’ve got TwoDots! In TwoDots, your aim is to simply connect same coloured dots and if you think that sounds easy, well for the most part you’d be right but there’s more to the game than that. On each level, you’ll have a different objective, for example, one objective could be to match a certain number of red dots or another objective could be to crack the ice, each one having a varying degree of difficulty.

But it doesn’t just stop there, as you’ll only have a certain number of moves to complete the objective, so it’s important to use your moves wisely to ensure success. And if you fail to complete the objective, the chances are high that you won’t want to stop playing TwoDots until you succeed! Taking into account the cute characters, relaxing soundtrack and not to mention the fun-to-play gameplay, it all adds up to make TwoDots very addictive and once you download the game, be careful, as you’ll quickly become obsessed with connecting dots! Stepping up the addictiveness,

4.  Boom Dots

Top 5 Most Addictive Free iOS Games

we’ve got Boom Dots! In the game, your aim is to use the one-touch controls to send your dot dashing forward, with the aim of hitting and destroying the moving dot above. Which, let’s be honest, seems like quite an easy task, however, this is not the case. Each target that you will face will move at it’s own unique speed, so good timing and quick reactions will be needed and the higher your score, the more your skills will be tested. If you miscalculate one of your shots or get too eager, fire and miss the target, then your dot will crash into the deadly spikes and well the game is over and you’ll have to start again. 

And that’s where the addiction starts to kick in, as you’ll always want to have another go to try and improve upon your score. As you progress further and complete various missions, you’ll be able to unlock different themes such as the rings and pixels dots, giving you an extra reason to keep playing Boom Dots. So what high-score have you managed to achieve on Boom Dots?

3. AA
Top 5 Most Addictive Free iOS Games

we’ve got aa! Unlike the previous two games, the aim of aa isn’t immediately obvious but don’t let discourage you, as it’s far more addictive! The game is based around a circle that is constantly spinning and it’s your aim to fire a certain number of dots at the spinning circle, whilst avoiding collisions and also avoiding the blank dots. If any of the dots come into contact with one another, you’ve failed and will have to try again! The game starts off with a set of levels that are relatively easy to complete but it won’t be long before the levels will begin changing the speed of the circle, sometimes making it go slow and other times making it go really fast, which will make your task a lot harder. So great timing skills and a high level of concentration will be needed to do well. 

And don’t expect to pass each level first time, as each level will pose its own challenge and once you get stuck on a level, aa will have you completely addicted, well, at least until you’ve completed that one tricky level and then you can enjoy the other 799 levels! So if you want a highly-addictive game that can also be frustrating to the point of wanting to throw your phone at the wall, then download aa right now!

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Top 5 Most Addictive Free iOS Games

we’ve got Mr Jump, a game that’s all about guiding your hero though twenty-four tricky levels by using the one-touch controls to jump from platform to platform whilst avoiding the deadly drops, spikes, lava and many other traps, all of which, will result in certain death. Once you’ve mastered a level and have completed it successfully, you’ll then be able to travel to the next level where a new challenge awaits, and with each level having a unique playing style, 

you really will have your work cut out for you. Now I’m not going to lie to you, when you play Mr Jump, you’re going to die more times than you can possibly imagine and there’s nothing more frastratuing than nearly reaching the end of the level and dying at the last hurdle, but taking into account that you have the ability to try again and again very quickly, you won’t be putting Mr Jump down anytime soon, so be prepared for Mr Jump to get you addicted almost instantly. And if you want to see just how addicted you are to Mr Jump, head over to the stats section where you can see how long you’ve been playing for and also how many times you’ve died.

Top 5 Most Addictive Free iOS Games

here’s a game that I’m sure the majority of you have already played and that’s the number-one smash hit Crossy Road! But for those of you who are unfamiliar, Crossy Road is an endless arcade hopper game where you take control of your character, with the aim of navigating your way across roads, rivers and grass, whilst avoiding cars, trees, rocks and many other obstacles, 

all in the attempt to top the leaderboards. But with the cars that will run you over, the rivers you can drown in and the eagle that will swoop down and take you, Crossy Road is anything but easy. The addictive aspect of Crossy Road really lies in the amount of times you’ll die, as you’ll find yourself wanting to play the game over and over again just to try and beat your previous high-score. And despite the fact that you’ll probably play Crossy Road more times than you’d like to admit, the game never seems to get old, which is a perfect recipe for an addictive game! So by all means, download the game, play it and enjoy it but it won’t be long before you'll find yourself being completely obsessed with Crossy Road.

So that’s it for this top 5 episode, I’d love to hear what your favourite addictive game was out of the list!