Top 5 Smartphones Under $300 You Must To Know

Top 5 SmartphonesUnder $300 You Must To Know - So you want to get yourself a new phone at  the beginning of the New Year. I got you covered with 5 phones under $300 that you can't go wrong with. What's going on guys, its STO and today we are talking about the 5 best smartphones under $300. It's about to get really nerdy.

1. MOTO G 

Top 5 Smartphones Under $300

it has a 720p 5inch display and dual front facing speakers. Those two features are what make the phone great for consuming media. The screen is not the sharpest but 720p is really good and with the stereo speakers, it's going to give you that great media consuming experience. What is also interesting about this phone is that it comes with nearly stock android; it has that pure Android experience. It comes with android kitkat and you can update it to android lollipop. All of these features for $180 dollars. What? At this price point this phone is easily the best budget phone.

Top 5 Smartphones Under $300

I've chosen this phone to be on this list for several reasons. This phone was obviously released about two years ago so its features were great at the time it was released but for now its features are good. It has a good battery life, a good 4.8inch 720p screen and a good camera not the best as it used to be but still relatively great comparing it to its price. It has a micro SD card slot and a quad core processor for that fluid gaming, browsing and watching YouTube videos experience so if you have a phone that lags a lot you can buy it so that you don't have to watch videos lagging like this anymore. The galaxy s3 also has a round design; it could be great for some people and bad for others so yeah it’s a very subjective issue and it retails for $250.

Top 5 Smartphones Under $300

mainly this phone is great at this price point if you want to have a premium, easy to use phone. It has a great camera, retina display and can be updated to iOS 8 which is a very simple and easy to use operating system plus it comes with the app store which provides you with a variety of apps. In terms of the build quality, it has an aluminum ring surrounding the phone and the back is made up out of glass. The iPhone 4s also comes with siri which is just a useless virtual assistant. It just searches the web when I ask her any question. Seriously though the virtual assistant feature on smartphones in general is useless.

4. LUMIA S920
Top 5 Smartphones Under $300

it’s a great windows phone 8 built on average specs. Now this phone has very specific targeted consumers. It is simple and easy to use; it has a great camera performance especially in low light conditions, a good display with high contrast and comes with wireless charging but buying a windows phone means you are going to have a lack of apps comparing it to the App store or the Play store.

5. OnePlus One
Top 5 Smartphones Under $300

The OnePlus One is manufactured by a Chinese company called OnePlus and the reason why this phone is so good is the fact that it has nearly the same specs of other more expensive flagships like Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of ram and a 13 megapixel camera. I really hate to talk about the specs of the phone because you can rarely find a phone that lags so the software aspect is more important and the OnePlus one is not heavily skinned just like the Moto G it also delivers a pure android experience. You can get the OnePlus One for $299 for the 16GB model available in white color only. If you want to get the black model however, you have to pay $50 more plus you get 64GB of internal storage instead of 16. The reason why the OnePlus One is so cheap is because they almost don't pay money in advertising. The problem with this phone is that it is really hard to buy because the only way to buy it at this moment is using an invite system. Other honorable mentions that didn't quite make the list for being a little bit more expensive are the Lumia 1020, the Nexus 5 and the Moto X.