Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones You Must To Know

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones  You Must To Know - Hello everyone, SuperYour here back again with some smartphone goodness, today we are talking about the best upcoming smartphones of late 2015. So the Galaxy S6, the One M9 and the LG G4 have already been released but still we have 5 more amazing smartphones coming out this year. I am not going to mention what to expect in terms of the memory size and stuff like that unless if RockStar decided to release a mobile version of GTA 5 which is not going to happen so don't freaking spam the comment section saying oh what about the memory size. 

Anyway what I am going to do is show you the specs of these flagships predecessor then add to it the common trends taken by electronic manufactures alongside some trusted rumors yo that rhymes see what I did there?
No okay anyway after we add all of these ingredients we are going to put them into the SuperYour blender, blend them all together and boom a new flagship is born. For your information the SuperYour blender is a virtual electronics blender we are not going to blend actual smartphones.

Okay so let's start off the list with the

1. OnePlus Two

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones

OnePlus Two. The OnePlus Two is a phone which is going to be released after about a week of recording this video and let me tell you it looks ugly but don't let looks fool you. The common trend is a bigger screen, more resolution however the OnePlus Two is rumored to have the same screen size as the OnePlus One but more resolution, and will have an improved camera and according to MKBHD it now can record videos at 4K and it has a laser auto focus feature like the LG G4. Whaat? Now it's really a flagship killer. 

The OnePlus Two will have an invite system again but it’s a little bit improved its going to be a bit easier to get an invite you will actually get a physical invite card. I was hoping that they would have an actual successful launch of the next OnePlus smartphone as now you can get the OnePlus One without a freaking invite but they are not willing to take the risk and decided to launch the OnePlus Two with an invite system too.

2. Samsung Note 5

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones

Next is the note, the Note 5 by the way we have leaked photos of the Note 5 that I am going to show you in a moment. The Note 5 is going to have really high specs well the Note series in general is well-known for featuring really high specs ahead of its time, we all know that. 

So expect Samsung to go really crazy with the specs of this phone. In fact it's rumored that the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and modem will all be combined in a single chip called the Exynos 7422. The phone overall will be superfast and responsive. 

Also we should see a big improvement in battery life like really big improvement this indicates that the phone is not going to be as thin as the Galaxy S6 for example which is perfectly fine as long as the phone will last longer on a single charge and it actually might come with USB type C. 

The device will have a metal case with a glass cover on the back like the S6. Basically it looks like a bigger S6 with an S pen both have a very similar design. It is rumored that the Note 5 is going to have the same screen size of the Note 4 with a higher resolution but I don't know man like Samsung might add a 50 inch screen and be like hey you can you this as your TV too.

Oh my god that was terrible too I don't know what's wrong with me today. 

3. Nexus 5 

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones

Anyway next we have the 2nd generation Nexus 5 basically it’s a more premium Nexus 5 at the same affordable price which apparently is going to be manufactured by Huawei. It's rumored to have a 5.1 inch QHD display, dual front facing speakers and 3,000 mAh battery. 

It seems like the design is going to be very similar to the Nexus 6 but with customized back option kinda like the Moto X by the way a new version of the Moto X is going to be released this year but it's not on today's list. 

So yeah you can think of the 2nd generation Nexus 5 as a cheaper option for the Nexus 6 or just an updated version of the Nexus 5 which might disappoint some of you but Google just can't satisfy everyone unless if they make two models because some people want a cheap Nexus with decent specs and some want an extremely powerful phone no matter what the price is. 

Now the next two are made by Apple so to all android fan boys you can leave now or not please don’t but yes you already guessed it they are the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s

4. iPhone 6s Plus

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones

Plus. Let's start with the iPhone 6s Plus first. Now the S version of any iPhone always has the same design as the previous model but for the iPhone 6s Plus I am not really sure if it's going to have the same design due to the vulnerability of getting bent. It's rumored to finally have a sapphire crystal display. 

We are going to probably see few improvements in the camera where you would be able to shoot in 4k at 30fps, improved the Touch ID sensor, we might see new features for a better integration with the Apple Watch and of course an updated processor and GPU. 

5. iPhone 6s

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones

For the iPhone 6s I think it's going to look identical to the iPhone 6 maybe just different shades of the color options and more variety to choose from. It's rumored to have a pink color alongside the three standard colors. 

Same screen resolution as the iPhone 6 no sapphire crystal display but like the iPhone 6s Plus it will have few improvements in the camera it's rumored to have 12mp camera instead of 8. We should see improved Touch ID sensor, updated CPU and GPU as well. The bottom line is that all flagships are going to feature high end specs so when you buy a flagship just don't care about the specs. That is how you choose which smartphone to buy. 

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